Tuesday, 8 August 2017

A little bit about me...

Hello everyone, I thought it would be nice if I wrote about myself in this post so that you can get to know to me a little bit better.

I live in a little village in the beautiful English Countryside with my parents and my 3 brothers. I have a golden retriever dog called 'Charlie', 3 chickens and my brothers bearded dragon 'Reggie'. 
The house we brought needed total renovation which we are in the middle of doing at the moment. We are LITERALLY living in a building site! Every morning, I wake up not to the sound of birds (which you'd expect where I live) but to the loud thunder of the jack hammer, the drill or a builder singing at the top of their voice. But, as I have been told a thousand times 'it will be lovely when it's done'...

My bedroom hasn't actually been started yet. I am currently sleeping in my brothers old room (which is tiny) with all my belongings crammed into a small cupboard! My passion at the moment apart from beauty is designing my room. I'm going for a Shabby Chic country style room with pale greys and off-whites with wicker baskets and a king-size, off-white painted brass bed frame. I'm very excited and I'm also open to suggestions for furniture and room decor.

I have a slight obsession with cats. I owned 2 cats in the past but one died and the other was given to my cousin as it wanted to kill the chickens. I will definitely be getting a cat (or two) in the future even though my boyfriend, Jay, is slightly allergic. 😬

Me and Jay also really enjoy baking and are constantly making cakes, cookies etc for our family. In my spare time I blog (of course) but I also play the piano and guitar. I used to take piano lessons but stopped a few years back due to exams and decided to not go back. I do still improve with my piano playing but don't go through the grades like I used to.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on the bedroom situation and if I find any good recipes for cookies or cakes then I'll post them too! Just about to take my dog Charlie for a lovely walk in the woods, near to where I live. 


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