Fish4Dogs Review

by - April 14, 2017

* This is a beauty blog, I know... but Fish4Dogs ever so kindly sent me some of their products to review! I have a golden retriever named Charlie and I have to say he absolutely loves these treats! Fish4Dogs provided excellent service and gave me these products to review within a few days. The box was packaged well in a padded box and the treats were displayed in clearly labelled bags.

My dogs favourite are the Sea Jerky treats! He was constantly looking at the table where I had placed the treats wanting more! All of the treats had a very strong smell which I can't say I enjoyed very much but my dog was definitely attracted to the smell. I have never seen him eat his food so fast! I also gave my boyfriends dog 'Scamp' a serving and he loved it! 

Overall, I think Fish4Dogs products are at an amazing price for the quality of their treats. My dog really enjoyed his food and I will definitely have to get more as he'll find his normal dog food boring! 

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