Dermacol Make-up Cover

I decided to jump on the beauty bangwagon and purchase the Dermacol foundation. I have to say I had high hopes for this foundation/concealer after seeing so many YouTube reviews and blog posts raving about how AMAZING this product was! 

The consistency was that of a mousse which surprised me a little as I thought it would be just a thick liquid like most foundations. I chose the shade 208 I think and it was way too light for me!! Honestly, I found it very hard to pick a shade as it's not sold in local stores so I couldn't test it on my skin. They don't have a wide range of shades so for people who have more tan/olive toned skin like myself, it was quite a challenge.

However, right off the bat I could see that this foundation was extremely high coverage! I swatched some of the product on my hand and then used my fingers to swipe some on to my face, not very professional, I know ;) 

Upon applying this product, I noticed that it had a slight tackiness to it and it felt quite heavy on the skin. Although, I can't really complain as it is a high coverage foundation, so you'd expect it to feel like you have foundation on. I would recommend using only a pea-sized amount of product as a little goes a long way! On first application, I applied way more than I needed to and had to blend it quite far down my neck to spread the product out evenly.

I have quite dry skin and I did notice that this product clung to my dry patches but wasn't very noticeable from a distance. Overall, I think this product is amazing for the price and really does have amazing coverage. However, I would probably use this as more of a concealer than a foundation as it's just too heavy for my liking. 



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