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If you have curly hair like me then you’ll know how hard it is to combat frizz and keep your curls looking bouncy and defined. 

I have been trying for so long to find haircare products that don’t just keep your hair looking amazing but also are affordable to buy! So let’s have a look at my Curly Hair Routine...

Firstly, I like to brush out my hair before I step into the shower as it saves me damaging my hair later on when my hair is wet. I love using a brush that is formulated for wet hair as it’s a lot softer on your curls! Once I’ve done that I jump in the shower and start to shampoo! 

I don’t shampoo my hair every time I shower because it tends to make my hair really dry but when I do, I like to use the Noughty Blondie Locks Shampoo. This is because I have blonde hair (it’s not my natural colour) so this shampoo really helps to make my blonde hair BRIGHT!

I am a sucker for a good conditioner so I tend to use at least two every time I wash my hair - that’s not including a hair mask! 

Of course, I have to follow up with the matching Noughty Blondie Locks Conditioner too! I really find that the blonde in my hair stands out a lot more after using these products. This is because it contains lemon which is a natural lightener, it also makes it smell great too! 

(If you’re wondering, you can purchase Noughty Haircare in Superdrug!)

The final step in the shower is to use a hair mask, which I tend to leave on my hair for the duration of my shower and then rinse out at the end. For this, I use the Lee Stafford Choco locks Butter Cream! This hair masks smells absolutely incredible! If you like chocolate than you’re bound to love this. 

Once I’ve finished in the shower, I ring out the rest of the water in my hair and leave it to air dry. If I can avoid using a hairdryer I will because I find it is so damaging to my hair! 

Once my hair is almost dry I use some sort of oil in my hair to make it appear shiny. My favourites are Argan Oil & Coconut Oil. If I’m going out that day then I’ll use a hair mousse so that my curls stay put all day! 

One of my favourite hacks for curly hair is while it’s air-drying to use your hands to scoop the bottoms of your hair up and scrunch them upwards. This just stops your curls from dropping.

I hope this helps you curly-haired girls in some way. If you’re reading this and you have straight hair then don’t worry, you can 100% use these products in your hair too! They’re great for all hair types. 

What’s your favourite haircare brand? 

* I was sent products from both Noughty and Lee Stafford however, all opinions are my own and are not influenced by the brands I’m working with.
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