My first post

Hello! I have finally decided to set up my own blog. I see it as a little space in which I can talk about things that nobody else seems to want to listen to. I'll mainly be doing reviews on this blog because I myself always like to check reviews before I purchase a product! I have sensitive and quite dry skin so I have to use products which aren't too harsh in chemicals.

I like a range of skincare brands, both cheap and expensive! My favourite cheaper brand has definitely got to be 'Simple' daily because their products aren't really harsh on my skin. They do have a sensitive skin range but I find that their regular products work great too!

As for a more expensive brand, I really like Liz Earle. They also have a range for sensitive and dry skin which is really good for me! My favourite product by them has got to be the 'Hot Cloth Cleanser' or 'Cleanse and Polish' as its often called. I did find that this product has a scent to it but it was a rather pleasant scent and it did no irritate my skin.


I hope you enjoy what I have to offer on this blog. It won't all be product reviews but that's my main focus.

Until next time xoxo


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