Pinks Boutique Review

* Pinks Boutique  is a natural, cruelty free and organic range of skincare products. I was sent these products and instantly fell in love! I have to start of this blog post by talking about the adorable packaging of Pinks Boutique's products! Although nothing is pink like the name suggests, the products are displayed in brown packaging with different coloured writing. 

My favourite product in the range has to be the night balm! Upon applying the product, my face instantly felt moisturised and soft. The texture is similar to that of coconut oil - it's hard to the touch but then melts due to the warmth of your hands. The product is oily but that is what I look for in a night balm so I was very impressed. 

The Lemongrass Toner is so refreshing and is a great size to stick in your bag on the go! The smell is really soothing and calming. The Rose Face and Body Balm is amazing as well. I found that this was a bit too oily for during the day unless you're planning on wearing no-makeup (which I do quite often). 

Lastly, the Ocha and Rosehip Moisturiser is quite a thick consistency that applies nicely on the skin. I found that a little goes a long way with this product, so this sample pot has lasted me ages! I found that this moisturiser was gentle on the skin and didn't cause me any irritation. The smell was also really nice due to the range of essential oils included. 

Pinks Boutique is an amazing brand, although slightly pricey I can't complain as their products are cruelty free and natural.


* I was sent this product to review however all opinions are my own and not influenced by the brand I'm working with. 100% honest opinions given.



  2. I definitely will need to look into this!

  3. No worries at all, I would definitely recommend it! xo

  4. Love the organic cruelty free angle to these products thanks for sharing xx

  5. Sounds really great love more natural products and 100% for cruelty free, heading to check them out now 💕


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