Would you rather...? CHRISTMAS TAG

I absolutely love tags and I'd like to thank the lovely Abby Clare for tagging me in the 'Christmas Would You Rather...?' Tag.

So, here goes:

1. Would you rather… Drink mulled wine or a hot chocolate?
100% Hot Chocolate! I do quite like mulled wine but I've been drinking hot chocolate everyday in December so it would be stupid to not say that it's my absolute favourite. It's even better with some mini marshmallows and whipped cream! 😍

2. Would you rather… A whole plate of roast potatoes or a whole plate of roast meat?
Roast potatoes! I do like meat but if I had to choose it would be roast potatoes! They're always the first to go when it comes to Christmas Dinner in my house.

3. Would you rather… A Harry Potter marathon or a Christmas film marathon that ran for the same amount of time?
A Christmas film marathon! Only because I've watched Harry Potter so many times whereas I've still got a few Christmas Films which I haven't yet watched or simply can't remember. I am trying to watch all the Harry Potter's though as my boyfriend has never seen it, believe it or not!

4. Would you rather… Believe in Santa for your whole life or never at all?

What? He's not real?

Believe in Santa for my whole life. There's something so magical about believing in Santa and if I could rewind back to the times where I used to leave out a mince pie and carrots for Santa and the Reindeer then I definitely would!

5. Would you rather… Spend Christmas Day with 100 strangers or with 1 person from your family?
1 person of my family. Christmas is my favourite day of the year simply because that's one of the only times when the whole family is together and it just makes me so happy! Whereas, if I spent it with 100 strangers I'd find it rather awkward...

I tag:

My questions for you:

1. Giving presents or recieving them?
2. Christmas Pudding or Trifle?
3. 'Home Alone' or 'A Christmas Carol' ?
4. Spend Christmas abroad or at home?
5. Receive 1 very expensive present or a few not-so expensive presents?

That's everything for this blog post! 
I hope you all loved it and make sure to let me know when you've posted your Christmas Tag!



  1. This is amazing idea for a post! Great post! xxx

  2. Harry Potter! I love Harry Potter and the movies are great too. I'm also a huge hot chocolate fan. Great post!

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

  3. This is a great post! And Thankyou for nominating me lovely! I'd have to pick the Harry Potter marathon over the Christmas movies, I'm a die hard fan! I'd definitely pick hot chocolate too thought!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  4. I think all of my answers would have been the same! Although I do love a good Harry Potter marathon!

    Maya x

  5. Thank you so much for tagging me, this is going to be a really fun post to do! I'm with you on the hot chocolate and roast potatoes, and obviously I still believe in Santa, how could I not? (!) X

    Lisa | www.lisasnotebook.com

  6. This is such a fun tag! I never believed in Santa, my dad tried to get us to but we didn't believe him.

    A Sparkle Of Grace

  7. Great tag! I’d go with the hot chocolate too and the roast potatoes mmm! I’d probably choose a HP marathon though!


  8. Thank you for tagging me in this chick, I'm very much looking forward to doing it myself! Fabulous post! x

  9. I’ve got a different ‘Would You Rather?’ coming up on my blog soon, they’re so much fun to do! 🙊 I would go for the Roast Potatoes too.. 🤤

    Andi | www.andthenzen.co.uk

  10. I think i have to agree with everything here. I too have been having so many hot chocolates I put a little orange food flavouring in or peanut butter which is ridiculously fattening but amazing! But maybe not believe in santa only because I would then think I had been awful when I was older and wondered why there were no presenta under the tree but I do remember being soooo made up Rudolph ate his carrot! xxx

  11. Great post!
    1. Giving presents or recieving them?
    Definitely giving!
    2. Christmas Pudding or Trifle?
    Tricky as I don't love either but I would go for trifle!
    3. 'Home Alone' or 'A Christmas Carol' ?
    Definitely Home alone!
    4. Spend Christmas abroad or at home?
    I've never spent Christmas abroad but I'm open to it!
    5. Receive 1 very expensive present or a few not-so expensive presents?
    A few, the unwrapping is the best!



  12. I agree with your answers. I still believe in santa, or at least I will do providing he keeps bringing me a stocking every year :P

    Hannah @ The Northern Writes | www.thenorthernwrites.co.uk

  13. i love this tag! and i couldnt imagine not spending christmas without any of my family either

  14. This is such a fun post I’ve never seen this tag before! Love it

    Ellie x



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