Esensi Skincare Review

A good skincare routine is essential if you're looking to achieve a glowing complexion! I find myself constantly searching the internet trying to find the 'best' cream that claims to reduce signs of ageing, prevent dull-looking skin and get rid of puffy under eye bags.

Esensi is a brand that I've been using for a few months now and like all the other products I've reviewed, I've loved seeing how it works on my skin.

The Phyto Proactiv Retinol Moisture Complex (a fancy name, I know) is a cream that claims to increase Cell Regeneration and restore Collagen and Elastin production. I bet you're really confused as to what that even means...

Collagen is what helps give your skin elasticity therefore making you appear younger. I'm not entirely sure that this Moisture Complex has done that for me as I'm not exactly 'old' yet but I suppose I'll know how good it is if I don't get any wrinkles!

The cream does absorb into my skin beautifully though and contains a lot of natural ingredients. I'll definitely carry on using this product until it runs out.

Next up is the Phyto Proactiv Pure Botanical BioActive Oil. Oils like this one work really well with my skin and are perfect to apply just before makeup to give me that glowy look! This products contains multiple oils and vitamins making it good for the skin and I've even found that it helped with my dry skin and reduced the appearance of blemishes.

The final two are the Phyto Proactiv AHA Cellular Renewal Gel and the Phyto Proactiv Hyaluronic Vitamin C Hydrating Serum. I can definitely tell you that the Serum made my skin feel really hydrated! This has got to be my second favourite product of the lot just because I felt it actually made a difference to my overall skins appearance. 

Lastly, is the  Renewal Gel which claims to renew dull & dehydrated skin. This product was the least effective for me but maybe that's because I hadn't got round to using it as much as the others. This gel does contain Aloe Leaf Juice though so it's great for people with more sensitive skin types! It's super hydrating on the skin and helps me feel more refreshed in the morning.

So, that is all for the Esensi Skincare Review. I really hope you liked this post and I hope it benefited you in some way.


* I was sent these products to review however all opinions are my own and are not influenced by the brand I am working with.


  1. Never heard of this brand before but the products sound really good!

    Jess xx

    1. Awesome review, its ibe of the best products, entered the competition on twitter @ikamavusot Id love to give it a try on my skin

  2. Ah absolutely loved the blog post, i need to put some ofthese on my ever growing wish list ! Xx -Talia

  3. I've never actually heard of this brand before so I'll have to look into it! The Vitamin C Hydrating Serum sounds amazing - especially for this time of year :) xx

    1. Nobody really seems to know about this brand, they're worth checking out though :)

  4. Never heard of this brand but your review is so good, I will definitely look them up!xx

  5. never heard of end brand!! Seems very cool xx

  6. Never heard of this brand but I LOVE skincare!


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