How I achieve glowing skin

Spring has finally arrived and everyone is now trying to glow-up for the warmer weather - although I'm not sure the weather is getting any better here in England! 

The good news is, you don't have to splash out lots of money in order to get glowing skin. There are so many creams and serums you can use to get that dewy looking skin you're going for but there are also products you can use that are most likely lying around your house!

1. Coconut Oil - You've probably heard this beauty hack already but honestly, Coconut Oil does wonders for removing makeup and getting that youthful-looking glow. I have tried so many makeup removers but having slightly dry-skin it can be hard to find a product that doesn't strip away the moisture from my skin. Therefore, when I started using Coconut Oil it was amazing!

2. Use a Moisturiser or Luminating Primer - Now, I'm not just talking about any old moisturiser. If you're looking for that dewy look then I recommend using an oil or a cream specifically for a glowing complexion. I swear by the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm! I use this every day even if I'm not wearing makeup and it instantly makes my skin look brighter. It is pretty pricey at £32.00 - so if you know any alternatives then feel free to let me know - but I would highly recommend investing in this.

3. Fake Tan - Before I get on to this I just want to say that you absolutely do not need to apply fake tan to get glowing skin! I personally feel a lot more confident when I've got a tan so if you're looking for a good one then I highly recommend Bondi Sands. 

4. Highlight, Highlight, Highlight! - I love using liquid highlights for a more effortless look as it doesn't leave chunks of glitter on your face like a lot of powder highlights do. I love the Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter personally as it works really well my skin tone. One of my favourite hacks is to mix a little bit of your favourite liquid highlighter with your foundation!

5. Setting Sprays/Rose Water - I really recommend using a setting spray rather than a setting powder for a dewy look. This is because powder can dull your glow and make your face really matte-looking. I have been using the Younique Rose Water Spray on my face but I'm sure there are plenty of other cheaper alternatives.

Well, that's all of my tips & tricks to getting a glowing complexion. I hope this has helped you out in some way and I'd love it if you could let me know any tips you have to achieve that dewy look.



  1. Such An amazing Blog Post , Lovely To Gander Through Such a Great Blog Post That Has been allocated Time to produce such an Awesome Post For People to Read ! Keep Up The Lovely Work !

  2. I love using coconut oil, I find it really helps skin all over and it smells great too, x

  3. Highlight for the win!!! Love it when im not looking so great, it really brightens the skin!

  4. I bloody love a good highlighter - one of the few high-end makeup products that I own is a highlighter.. 😍 I’m looking forward to being able to fake tan when my tattoos have healed as well, I’m miss being all glowy! 🙊

    Andi |

  5. These are such good tips! I have oily skin so I try not to go too glowy, but I do love a good highlighter to give my face a nice natural glow! Xx

    Andrea | Trxpical Andrea

  6. I love the post! I'm definitely going to try the rose water 🌸🌸

  7. Some really interesting tips here - some I hadn't even heard of! My skin is quite oily so I don't really need to worry about the glowy part haha. I've heard quite a lot of good things about the Younique Rose Water spray!


  8. I’m obsessed with Iconic London’s Illuminator and it can be mixed with foundation. I always forget about luminating primers, Bare Minerals have a good one

  9. I have combination skin, so I prefer to use setting powder to get a more matte look. I have never tried Younique products. How good are they?


  10. Love this post! Have you tried the new L'Oreal Amour glow drops? They are amazing. I mix in with my foundation in the day for an all over glow and use as a highlighter for nights out / when I want to look a bit more glam!



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