Holiday to Tenerife

I have to say I'm a sucker for a good holiday so when my boyfriend's parent's said they wanted to take us to Tenerife I was beyond excited! I have been to Tenerife before, I went a few years ago and I absolutely loved it!

The last time I went we stayed in a 4-star hotel, however, this one is a luxury 5-star and we're going in August which is the same month as my previous trip was... I have the worst memory you could possibly imagine so even though my last trip was only around 3 years ago, I still don't remember much of what we did. 

What I do remember is that the beaches are absolutely gorgeous and you'll be sure to get a glowing tan as it gets pretty hot in the summer! There are 2 different types of beaches in Tenerife, the regular golden-sand beaches and the volcanic black-sand beaches. Personally, I prefer the golden-beaches but it' would be nice to explore the other kind too. My family always tend to go all-inclusive as there's quite a few of us but this year it's going to be half-board. We're definitely going to be going on a lot of day trips so I think this was probably the most sensible idea. 

Siam Park was another thing about Tenerife that made it that amazing! Siam Park includes the world's longest Lazy River which is great because that's actually one of my favourite parts about a Water Park - I'm boring I know! If you're looking to book a holiday whether it be to the incredible Tenerife or anywhere else in the world then I'd recommend doing it through Holiday Gems. They not only help you book the holiday but they also provide all the information (such as temperature and things to do) that you could possibly need!

I can't wait to go back to Tenerife and if you're struggling to find 'that perfect destination' then I'd recommend going there!

* This post is sponsored by Holiday Gems.


  1. I’d spend an entire day in a lazy river!! So relaxing!! Also that beach looks amazing ��

  2. If you go to the black-sand beaches makes sure you take something to cover your feet up with. It’s VERY hot!
    Great post! X

  3. Is this the Tenerife as in the one on Ed Sheeran's song? It's absolutely gorgeous! 😍 great post love,I love seeing these kind of posts! 💕

    - Mary

  4. I have never been to Tenerife, but I have heard nothing but good things. Another holiday destination to add to my list!

  5. Absolutely loved Tenerife when we were last there 3 years ago in October, definitely want to go back, especially Siam Park! Even braved the Tower or Power!

    Heather | x Highland Beauty

  6. Tenerife is so close to me yet I've never been! I think the beaches look beautiful, might have to make it a point to go next year! x


  7. I have never heard of this place before but it looks so beautiful


  8. Sounds amazing you're going to have such a lovely time. I've never been, but heard wonderful things about Tenerife before. X

    Hannah |

  9. Tenerife is definitely on my bucket list! The lazy river sounds fab. I had a click through the Holiday Gems website, they have some reasonable offers. Enjoy your trip!

    Trace x |

  10. I’ve never been here but it looks gorgeous! It’s deffo on my holiday destination list x

  11. This beach looks fab! I've never thought about going to Tenerife before but I didn't realise it was so beautiful - lovely post x

  12. Wow, Tenerife really looks amazing. I like lazy rivers as well, although slides are definitely my cup of tea. It's so nice of your boyfriend's parents to take you for a trip there, and a 5 star resort is something definitely worth seeing. Have fun!


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