Interior Design Ideas

I'm not usually one to do posts like this however seen as I am having my new bedroom decorated in a few weeks, I thought this would be a good post idea!

Personally, I love the country-style, shabby chic look for certain rooms so this is most likely the look I'll be going for in my new room. I have filmed a few Instagram Stories already of what my room looks like currently so make sure you're following me on there if you'd like a sneak peek before I write a post about it. 

Now, I don't have my own house yet but I already have an idea of how I'd like it to look. I have similar taste to my mum and I was actually the one that encouraged her to buy Shabby Chic furniture. If you have no idea what 'Shabby Chic' is then I'd recommend just googling it because I'm not the best at describing things! 

I think my favourite room to design will be my kitchen just because I love the marble work surfaces and I would love to create a country-style kitchen instead of the classic, modern look. 

As far as decorating a new house is concerned, it's very important to have a number of websites that you know you can rely on to buy furniture from. HC Supplies is a great website to go on if you're looking for work surfaces, bar stools, taps and sinks. It features so many different styles so you'll be sure to find something that suits you! Not only that, but HC Supplies also has Showrooms which you can look at if you're struggling with how to design your kitchen.

Let me know how you've designed your house or if you don't have a house yet then just let me know how you would design it!


  1. Shabby-chic furniture seems pretty cool. I gotta plan my future interior. Great post Lauren <3

  2. Awesome home interior designs ideas posted by you at here. I really want to create same as this kind of excellent and stunning home interior in my home. I hope that i will create it easily with help of this great interior design ideas.

    Style Living Room

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