How to increase your Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority is one of those phrases you hear being thrown around in the Blogging Community and there are quite a few people that have absolutely no idea what it means. I remember when I first started Blogging, I had heard the phrase being used and knew it was to do with how high your site ranks in Google but I didn't actually know how I could do that. So, I thought I'd throw a little guide together on how you can increase your Domain Authority (DA).

What is Domain Authority?

So, to put it simply Domain Authority is a metric that was created by Moz and it determines how high your site ranks in search engines. It is a score from 0-100, 100 being the highest and 0 being the lowest. Moz has recently created a MozBar which you can have as an extension on your browser, it will tell you the DA of each site you visit.

 How do I increase my Domain Authority?

This is the most asked question on this topic, and it is actually quite simple. Your Domain Authority will increase depending on how many backlinks you have to your site. So, the way to do this is by guest posting on other sites, promoting your site on social media and commenting on people's posts (leaving your links of course). However, do not just comment on people's posts with your links or a general comment such as 'great post' as that will be a very easy way to get your comment deleted or classed as spam. 

Create content regularly and to a high standard.
This is probably one of the most important things when it comes to improving your Domain Authority. 

Improve SEO (Search Engine Optimise)
This is another term used in Blogging which confuses a lot of people. Basically, SEO is all about keywords, navigability etc. Now, when it comes to keywords, I don't mean cramming as many keywords as you can into a post because this can actually hurt your SEO. I'm talking about using relevant keywords and long-tail keywords.  For example: 

Instead of: how, to, increase, da, domain, authority, guide, blogging, lifestyle, beauty with lauren, blog tips, seo, google rankings, dogs, cats, love, recipes, beauty, fashion

Use: How to increase domain authority, bloggers guide

See how I've only used a few terms and I'm not separating each word into a separate keyword? This will increase your SEO more than using lots of random keywords that don't even relate to your content.

Where do I add Keywords?
The most important place to add keywords is in your Blog Post Title. I know it can be hard as we all like to use unique titles in our posts but adding keywords is so important! Also, you should add your keywords in the first and last paragraph of your post. If you use Blogger or Wordpress then I'd recommend going to the Permalink section and making sure your keywords are included in there too! A Permalink is the URL of your post.

Blogger Permalink Settings

Wordpress Permalink Settings

I might do a separate Blog Post all about Improving SEO but for now, that's the most important stuff.

Get rid of Broken Links
I'd highly recommend using a Broken Link Checker as they're so much easier than trying to find them all yourself. This is SO time-consuming but it will really help your DA.

Use Internal Links
 Internal Links basically mean linking to other post's you've done within a post. So for example, if I go on to create a post all about 'How to improve SEO' then I'll be sure to link it here. Try to use at least one internal link in each post if you can. However, make sure that it is relevant to the post you are writing.

I hope this guide has helped you and if you have any questions then leave them below and I'll answer them as best as I can. 


  1. This is honestly very helpful! I've been so confused by DA for so long, but I've got a better idea of it now. Would love if you do the 'How to Improve SEO' sometime in the future xx

  2. Thanks for sharing these tips - I’m always trying to find a way to increase DA so will definitely be implementing these things!

  3. Lauren, this was so helpful!

  4. Such a fab post and great information. I am totally in love with your blogger theme too. It is a lovely site.

    Sarah | Adventure Accessories

  5. This is extremely helpful! I have been struggling with how to increase my DA so I'm very grateful for the tips 🙂

  6. This was so helpful! I'd defo like to see a post about improving SEO!! x

  7. This was so helpful as I've only just figured out what DA means! Does it usually take a while for bloggers to build up their DA? xx

  8. I'm currently in the processing of going through all my old blog posts and linking them to new ones to help my DA! It's a long process but hopefully it'll be worth it in the end!

    Katy |

  9. Lauren, this is a great post. very well written. I will definitely be taking these tips on board
    Blogger at:

  10. Perfect timing- I just googled "what is DA" last night! LOL. I'm new to the blogging thing and your post definitely helped clarify things for me. Great post!


  11. This is super helpful! I'm always interested to read people's tips on improving DA and SEO, so I look forward to the next post! :)

  12. Im loving your "bloggers edition" series! You really have so many great tips and tricks! I love it!! Thank you for sharing!!x

    Linda ||

  13. Brilliant ideas. Thank you! I had no idea about the permalink. Will have to have a ganders into this. Helen x

  14. Thanks for sharing, definitely need to spend some time going through that broken link checker!

    Abi |

  15. Thanks for sharing.

    BTW, is a DA of 33 good for a blog, Lauren?

    The Solitary Writer

  16. This was so helpful! I'd defo like to see a post about improving SEO and also help me in growing my da and pa

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