How to style: Black Denim Jeans

Black Jeans are an essential in everybody's wardrobe but not everybody know's how to style them to make them look more than just 'plain black jeans'.

Black Jeans are so versatile and come in so many different styles. There's Skinny, Ripped, Distressed, Straight-leg, Flared and so many more...
I thought I'd share with you a few tips on how to spice up Black Denim using items you probably already have in your wardrobe.

Baggy/Oversized Jumpers

This method is one of my favourites for the Winter. If you're looking for a more casual look than I would highly recommend purchasing an oversized jumper - or just borrowing an older siblings which is too big for you. Not only is it comfortable, but it also gives you that trendy 90's vibe that's quite popular at the minute.

A Shirt and Heels

Shirts instantly turn casual into classy & formal with ease. Pairing a shirt with black jeans and a nice pair of heels will make it look like you've spent hours getting ready when in fact it took you about 10 minutes. I think this is a perfect outfit for going out for dinner or going for a formal meeting.

A Patterned T-shirt and Trainers

My go-to pattern is definitely stripes. At the moment, I'm loving t-shirts which have bold, coloured stripes like red, blue and yellow. A stripy tee paired with some rolled-up black jeans and trainers is a look that's definitely on trend right now.

Faux-fur Coats

The reason I say Faux Fur is because I personally wouldn't want to buy a coat made of real animal fur. However, Faux-fur coats can make an outfit look so bold and daring. Wearing this with a plain t-shirt and black jeans will definitely draw attention away from the 'boring' black jeans.

Denim Jackets

I love swinging my Denim Jacket over my shoulders for a casual yet stylish look. Denim-on-denim used to be such a no-go when it came to fashion. However, it's becoming quite a craze at the moment. I'm still yet to sport the blue denim with blue jeans but I'm 100% loving a denim jacket with black jeans. Boohoo has some incredible jackets on their website and that’s where I got mine from!

So, I hope you've discovered some new ways to wear your black jeans and transform your look completely.


  1. Hi, Lauren! I have not worn black denim jeans for about 2 years now. I'd love to try all of the styles you've shared in here! Thank you for sharing them! ❤️ x

    Mary |

  2. Hello there! Gonna try your suggestions soon 🤗


  3. i wear black jeans with everything! Especially this time of year, they’re so slimming too x

  4. I haven’t actually owned a pair of jeans in years, I’m more of a leggings girl. Loving the styling tips though and if I went back to jeans it would be black over blue

  5. Such a great post! I absolutely adore my black denim jeans, but literally only had one way to style them until now! I loveee the double denim trend, used to hate it but love how it's come back now!!

  6. Black jeans are my fav, but never thought about a denim jacket. broaden my wardrobe. Thank you x

  7. Great post! I love a good pair of black jeans and I have to admit I do miss wearing a lot of my old wardrobe I’m currently buying and trying to find really nice maternity wear that doesn’t make me look grumpy or like an old lady 😂😂 xx

  8. I love black skinny jeans, a stripey top, white trainers & a leather jacket it's such a good look! Love this post x

  9. I've recently bought a pink faux fur coat and I love it! Baggy/oversized jumpers are also my favourites; great post :)

    -Charlotte /

  10. These are some great ways of styling, black jeans are so simple yet so versatile and easy to style I love it x


  11. I needed this post so much! Thank you!

  12. Great post! I love wearing my black jeans with cute jumpers x

  13. Loved this post! I have a pair of black jeans that is just go to. Love pairing them with a cute lace black top!

    Caroline |

  14. I really enjoyed reading this post! I love my black jeans and love finding new ways of styling them. Great tips! x

    Linda ||

  15. I don't actually have any black jeans in my wardrobe right now! Well I did, they have holes in now lol. I have to agree - I love black jeans with a nice shirt and heels! :) Xx


  16. Great Design. Loved these looks. Keep updating.
    black and blue jeans


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