My favourite loungewear pieces

 Another lockdown means I'm once again living in loungewear sets, which is fine by me. 

I must admit, I do love getting dressed up in fancy dresses, jeans and a comfy jumper but sometimes it's nice to chill round the house in comfy clothes. When I'm having an admin day, I stay away from pyjamas (so I don't get unmotivated) but  a loungewear set is that perfect in-between. I still feel like I'm slightly put together and I can also quickly pop into the post office if needed without getting strange looks.

So, here are a few of my favourite loungewear pieces this winter:

MissPap - Short Sleeve Boxy Loungewear Set (Size S/M)

This has got to be my favourite loungewear set off all time. It is extremely comfortable, and I actually have 3 other colours of this same set. The sage green colour looks chic and the fit is perfect for shorter girls like myself. If you're quite tall, I wouldn't recommend it just because the trousers do come quite far up the leg and I'm just 5'3. 

Misspap - Boxy Top and Short Set (Size S/M)

This is the second set, which is a short-sleeve top and shorts set. If you're like me and like to whack the heating up, but then get too hot and have to change outfits then this will be perfect for you! The material and fit is exactly like the above lounge set.

Boohoo - White Cuffed Joggers and ISawItFirst T-Shirt

This is a very basic look but an essential in my opinion. The Boohoo joggers fit perfectly and I love that they have a drawstring so you can adjust it accordingly. They also have a fleece lining, making them super warm and cozy!


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