Generation Skincare Vitamin C Serum - Benefits

Generation Skincare's Facial Serum contains all natural ingredients including Vitamin C, Green Tea and Aloe Vera.

Vitamin C is vital for collagen maintenance and stable collagen means wrinkle free skin and an even skin tone. Generation Skincare's Serum benefit people of all ages and skin types, which makes it an essential in your beauty routine. It is more concentrated than a cream which ensures maximum results and is 8-10x times more effective than taking Vitamin C orally. 

It has so many benefits including protection from sun damage, reduction in under eye circles, hydration and of course its anti-ageing properties! 

Clinical studies have shown that regular use of Vitamin C can increase collagen production in both young and mature skin. It keeps skin looking young, firm and healthy looking which is why Generation Skincare's Vitamin C Serum is also a great way of preventing stretch marks, which occur through weight loss and pregnancy. It is commonly used in skin care as an antioxidant as it helps protect the skin from sun damage. It does this by strengthening the skin barrier and thickening the dermis.

This serum also contains Aloe Vera which is one of the most soothing ingredients in skincare. It has got antibacterial properties which help to cleanse the skin and leave it feeling fresh. It helps to moisturise the skin but doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy which makes it great for people who have an oily skin type. Aloe Vera helps to reduce redness and helps heal burns and reduce the appearance of scars which is why Generation Skincare have included this amazing ingredient in their serum!

The green tea in this serum will help improve your skins complexion and make your skin healthy! It has a lot of benefits including healing blemishes, reducing inflammation and removing toxins from the skin. Studies have shown that green tea could protect against heart disease and also aid in weight loss! This serum is great for people who suffer from acne or other skin conditions as green tea fights against bacteria which may be causing spots and blemishes.

If your skin is lacking moisture and feels dull and fatigued then Generation Skincare's Facial Serum is for you!

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  1. Hi Lauren, I loved this post! I have realllly dry skin so if this product is as moisturising as you say it is, I will have to get my hands on some!
    With love,
    Chloe x

    1. I would really recommend it as I have dry skin too!

      Thanks for your kind comment 😊 X

  2. Love the post! Definitely think I'm going to use Vitamin C for my under-eyes. I have also nominated you for the mystery blogger award and you can find the details on my post xx

    1. Thanks so much!! Yes you definitely should, and that's so kind of you thank you xxx

  3. These products sound wonderful! I love the fact that the serum contains Aloe Vera - I hear amazing things about that x

    Claire |

    1. Yeah, it's so nice on the skin! I use Aloe Vera on a daily basis as it helps with redness and dry skin. Thanks for your comment xx

  4. Your website is really cool and this is a great inspiring article.


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