Grace & Alfie Face Mask Set

* First off, I must say a huge thank you to Kelly who ever so kindly sent me these amazing products! You were so lovely and nice to work with.

Grace & Alfie are an etsy shop who sell the cutest packages! I tried the Berry Beautiful Face Mask Set and I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was when I opened the box! Me and my mum wouldn't shut up about it all day! I really love when companies send out nicely packaged products as it really shows how much time they put into making sure their customers are happy! 

Grace & Alfie produce natural products and my favourite part about their set was the half coconut they included to mix the product in, that's such a cute idea! 

In the box you get a spoon, brush, face mask powder and oil, coconut, cloth and also a gorgeous candle. I thought that the candle was a nice touch as it really adds to a good pamper night. 

I loved the smell of the face mask and after leaving it on my skin for the time suggested on the instructions, it made my skin feel super smooth! 

Usually I throw away packaging from products but this box I will definitely not be throwing out as it looks lovely displayed in my bedroom! It has a magnetic closure which I really liked as well and the box was nice and sturdy.

I would really recommend Grace and Alfie's products for a relaxing night in!



  1. This sounds amazing! I will definitely have to check them out and maybe buy a set. Brilliant post!

    A x |

    1. Yes 100% Thank you so much, it means a lot xx


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