Guide to Pinterest: Blogger Edition

Pinterest is such a confusing social platform for a lot of Bloggers. There are people who swear by Pinterest and claim that most of their traffic comes from there and there are also people who have absolutely no clue how to use Pinterest to boost their engagement. So, if you want to learn all the secrets of Pinterest then I suggest you read on...

A huge thing to take into consideration when it comes to Pinterest is that follower's don't really matter.


T H E   P I N S

Pinterest is very different from a lot of social platforms in the sense that even if you have a 'small' following, your posts can still get seen by thousands of people. The secret to Pinterest is 'keywords'.

Whenever you upload to Pinterest, the best thing you can do is add keywords to your posts. This way if someone types in one of your keywords, your post is more likely to come up regardless of whether that person follows you or not.

Now, keywords are important but what's also important is making sure your pins are visually appealing. If you're uploading blurry, low-quality images then you're less likely to get people wanting to click on your pins. I recommend creating your pins on Canva like the one I created for this post.

Make your pins verticle! By doing this you're much more likely to get your pins seen as it takes up more room on the Pinterest Dashboard.

So, that's how you can get your posts seen but what about your blog? Well, I recommend setting up a business account. A business account will allow you to view all your analytics which you may find useful when looking at which pins get more engagement.


G R O U P   B O A R D S

In order to join a Group Board, you usually have to send them a request. I recommend asking Blogger's you know if you can join their Group Boards. If you don't have anyone to ask then feel free to send me a message on my Twitter (@laurenannbeauty) and ask if you can join one that I'm in!

Once you've joined a Group Board you can then go ahead and share your pins with everyone in the group. However, if the Board is all about 'Travel' then don't go sharing pins surrounding 'Fashion' as you're more than likely going to be asked to remove it. Plus, people who have joined a board about 'Travel' aren't going to want to read a post about 'Beauty' if it doesn't fit in with their niche.

Make sure you pin everybody else's pins though if you want to get the same back.


F A C E B O O K   G R O U P S

Group Boards aren't the only way to engage with other Pinterest users, there's also Facebook & Twitter. I'd highly recommend joining a Pinterest Pinning Group on Facebook. I'll put an example of some below:

You can also search for specific niches, for example, you could type in 'Pinterest Beauty Group Boards' which will bring up Facebook Groups that are Beauty focused. 


You should now know everything you need to start up your own successful Pinterest account. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment or shoot me a message on one of my Social Media accounts!

Happy Pinning!


  1. This is so useful! I've recently gotten back into using Pinterest for my blog and it seems to be going okay so far. Will definitely be using some of your tips though xx

    Faye | Female Original

  2. This information is so useful! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I've been using Pinterest for a while now, and I'm sort of getting the hang of it I think but I still have no idea if I'm actually doing it properly 😂 it's a lot of fun looking on there and pinning things though! Great tips though, thanks for sharing!


  4. I'm awful at utilising Pinterest for my blog! I'm definitely going to take these tips on board for my Pinterest x

    Ashleigh |

  5. great tips :) I just requested to join some of the groups you featured on facebook so thankyou!

  6. I've been looking for posts about how to use Pinterest to help my blog so this has really helped me and given me a great insight into what I can do to use it to generate traffic! Thanks for sharing lovely

    Jess //

  7. I was just looking into using Pinterest for my blog traffic! This is just in time, thanks for the helpful info!

    xx Nikkie |

  8. Some good tips for people getting to grips with Pinterest. Totally agree followers doesn't really matter at all, still getting to grips with the keywords though. I get a really small amount of traffic but really need to start using it more consistently, as with anything that seems to be the key!

  9. This is so useful I would have never even thought about looking to join a Pinterest group to advertise my latest posts! Pinterest is one of my favourite social media’s to mess around with when I am really bored but I could never really understand what people meant when they said it was useful for bringing traffic to their blogs. So thank you for these tips!
    Jess xx

  10. I’m loving Pinterest just now but still learning how to use it to bring traffic to my blog. Some days are good and others are bad haha!

    Heather | x Highland Beauty

  11. How did I forget about facebook groups! Pinterest is good to bring the views to my blog!

    Vanessa | x

  12. Most of my photos I take myself aren't vertical so that's not really an option for me but I'll be upgrading to a business account definitely. I was thinking about doing that today but didn't really know what to do or if I should.


  13. The first thing I did when I started my blog was switch over to a business account on Pinterest. It really helped me figure out that I actually needed to pin more!

    Great advice! x


  14. I have been using Pinterest quite a lot these past couple of months but I haven’t tried groups yet so I may have to give this a try!

    Abigail xo

  15. Thanks for this so much. I'm just really getting started on Pinterest and these tips will help me. I didn't even realize there was a place to put keywords on pins :-) - I'm still such a newbie!

  16. I attempted to start using Pinterest more last week and quickly gave up as I just didn't really get it despite reading so much haha. This post has been a lot of help as it's simplified it a lot so thank you!! Hoping to see a bit of return from it soon if I keep at it!
    Alice Xx

  17. I read this last night on my phone and was having so many issues commenting, sorry for the delay! I love this! Any advice on how to use the keywords, because I've heard somewhere that using things like # don't work well for pinterest? I completely muddle my way through it, haha, so this post is a god-send!

  18. I really don't know how to use Pinterest so this could end up help me out! So thank you in advance!

    Melanie ||

  19. You've got some great suggestions here. Pinterest has so much potential for bloggers!
    Britt |

  20. This post has come at a great time for me, I'm just starting to think about using Pinterest for my blog, so thanks for the tips!

    Abbey |

  21. Omg I’ve have literally been searching how to use Pinterest more for my blog in the last few days! It’s as if you knew haha! Have saved this post so I can apply all your tips!!

    Ellyn xx | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

  22. Just bookmarked this. These are great tips and will help me as I'm still totally clueless around pinterest!

    Thanks for putting this together.


  23. Six years later, I am still trying to figure out Pinterest. I didn't know group boards exist! This is how people grow their audience XD. - Though, it's like Twitter/IG as well. Thanks for sharing :)!

    Nancy ♥

  24. I just cannot understand how Pinterest works. I just pin. These are some great and helpful tips. :-)

    Via |

  25. This is a great post. I really need to get on the Pinterest train! I've joined a couple group boards, but I think I need to add more keywords to my pins. Thanks for posting!

    Trace x |

  26. I found this so helpful. And its true, you could have 5 followers on Pinterest,but get like 1000 repins.

  27. I find that Pinterest is the hardest social media platform to figure out.. but these are some great tips! Thanks for sharing ��

  28. These are so helpful! I've been wanting to get back into Pinterest for the longest time, thank you for sharing!

    Rebecca |

  29. Thanks for the tips, I need to do some more work on growing my Pinterest - it just doesn't seem to work for me!

    Francesca x |

  30. In terms of blogging, Pinterest is probably my least favourite aspect haha... I've just never got it right. This post was super helpful though and I'm definitely going to start focusing on using keywords more!
    Aleeha xXx

  31. Thank you for this post. Now I know another effective way to promote my blog (beginner here hehehe)

  32. Great article. Been hearing alot about group boards. Thanks for the tips. Xx

  33. Hey Lauren! This was super helpful, funny thing is I was just starting to use Pinterest again. I stopped because I had no idea how to use it for traffic, your post certainly helps 👍

    Natonya |

  34. Thank you for the helpful tips, Lauren! I've been using Pinterest poorly for a while because I had no idea what to do. Now I know I need to find some groups in my niche and try to join them. Thanks again!

    Emily in Ecuador

  35. Ah thank youuuu! I would have never thought of keywords!


  36. Ah thank youuuu! I would have never thought of keywords!


  37. hiya! I found this help really helpful and I just wanted to let you know I've put a link to it in a post I wrote about starting a blog,I hope you don't mind, thank you for the tips <3

  38. These tips are very useful! I wasn't into Pinterest till few days ago and now I'm searching all the tips! Thanks a lot!

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  40. I love this blog and your tips! It is so fantastic! I still have a problem trying to figure out how exactly to incorporate pins into my blog but I guess more research will help haha!

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