Organic Beauty with Simply Soaps

I love writing about organic beauty brands on my blog so when Simply Soaps wanted to send me over some products to review I was very excited!

So many people are buying organic products now and I can definitely understand why. For people with sensitive skin like myself, it's important that products don't contain any harsh ingredients so therefore organic/natural skincare is usually the better option.

I started off by trying the Queen of Sheba Bath Salts. I must say, I really loved the scent of these salts whilst I was in my bath. They made me feel so relaxed and they dissolved quite quickly! This product actually contains Goat's Milk so it makes your skin feel super soft. I'd probably say this is my favourite product of the lot! It is also less than £4!

Next, I tried the Rosa Passionata Facial Serum. This retails for just under £12 and had a similar scent to the Bath Salts. The scent was slightly too strong though in my opinion so isn't the best for my skin type. This did make my skin feel very soft however and I liked applying it before I went to bed to help make me feel more relaxed. A little does go a long way with this product so you have to be careful not to go overboard as you'll be left feeling very oily!

Lastly, I was sent the Lavender & Calendula Soap and unfortunately, this was a product I could only use once! I suffer from migraines when I try out a Lavender scented product so I wasn't able to use it more than once. I did try it though just to let you know how I feel about the consistency and lather of the soap (that's dedication for you!).  So, I can say that the consistency was very nice, the soap felt soft and lathered nicely. But due to the Lavender scent, I was unable to get full use out of it.

Do you own many organic products? If so, what are your favourite brands?

* The items mentioned were sent to me to review however, all opinions are my own and are not influenced by the brand I am working with.


  1. I had no idea that lavender soap would affect migraines, I'm so sorry to hear that! I've been thinking about trying Lavender oil soon so maybe I will need to look into whether it would do the same! I love the look of these though, natural products always feel so much better to me xx <3

  2. I've never tried organic soaps, but your article makes me want to try! Usually, I love the lavender scent, but after reading your section about the lavender soap, I'm a bit hesitant as I often have migraines...

    Thanks for sharing your opinion! ♥
    Do you know if they ship in France? I've never heard of the brand :)

  3. No idea that lavender can effect migraines! What a shame as they sound like fab products. I wonder what it is in lavender that triggers them? Your photo in this post is lovely! :)


  4. Certain scents do the exact same thing for me, luckily Lavender isn't one of them, but I can't handle some other flowers. Baby powder smells do this to me too, which is really odd, of all things. Really fresh mint does this too me as well, although I am fine if it's been hanging and dried for a few days.

  5. Wow I've always thought of lavender as being a soothing scent, but I have suffered from migraines so perhaps I'll try to stay away from that fragrance and opt for rose essential oil instead. Thank you for sharing! x


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