Balm Balm Skincare - 100% natural

* '100% organic and natural' is a label I love seeing when I try out new skincare products. Having sensitive skin I have to make sure that the products I try out won't irritate my skin. 

Balm Balm is a company I came across after trying to find natural skincare products. They can be purchased on LoveLula. I have been looking for a rose floral water for so long after loving the Mario Badescu one, however I wanted one that was 100% natural. After looking at the ingredients on the Rose Floral Water I noticed that the only thing it contained was Flower Distillate. I have been using this in the evenings as a toner and it is so refreshing on the face! I have a 30ml bottle but it is available in 100ml as well. I will definitely purchase that one as soon as my 30ml runs out!

Me and my boyfriend tried out the Balm Balm Hibiscus Face Mask (well I put it on his face so he had no choice really 😉) and it made our skin so soft! It can be a bit messy because it comes in a powder form and you have to add water to it, but it's worth it! You have to form a paste which you can then apply to your face. The scent is very floral which I thought might irritate my skin but it didn't at all! 

Lastly, the Frankincense Facial Oil is my personal favourite. I loved the smell of this one and it really gives me a nice glow in the morning. I noticed that with this oil, I didn't feel really oily afterwards as the consistency is quite light (I do get oily around my nose and forehead). 

I really believe that these products would work well with any skin type!


* I was sent this product to review however all opinions are my own and not influenced by the brand I'm working with. 100% honest opinions given.


  1. Hi Lauren did this oil cause any spots? I love the oils but spots can be a problem for me when using them, the product says 'light' so might be better for me thanks

    1. Hello, I didn't find that this oil caused any spots! As the bottle states its 100% organic so it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals that may cause spots and irritation.

      I hope that helped x


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