Friday, 9 March 2018

Gifts for her - Ultimate Gift Guide

Gifts for her - Ultimate Gift Guide
Friday, 9 March 2018
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This year is flying past so quickly and there are so many events throughout the year that you might find yourself having to ‘splash the cash’ on. So, I thought I’d create a post all about different gifts that you could give to that special woman in your life. Whether that being for Mothers Day, Birthdays or Anniversaries. 

Candles - You can never go wrong with an amazing smelling candle. This could work great for a little gift on the side but it could also work as a luxurious gift if you opt for a more expensive candle. Jo Malone candles are a must-have for almost every woman at the moment so if you wanted to treat your mum, friend or girlfriend then I’d recommend going for these! 

Perfume - Smelling good is a staple for both men and women so you can’t go wrong with anything that’ll make you smell incredible! I personally love the Marc Jacobs perfumes as well as anything Chanel. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper option then I’d recommend shopping on Fragrance Direct as they always have sales on! 

Lingerie - If it’s a girlfriend/wife you’re looking to buy something for then I’d highly recommend a nice lingerie set. Sebastian and Millicent do some luxurious lingerie sets so if you willing to spend a little more on that special someone then choose something from their range! Sebastian and Millicent also offer private consultations where you can get fitted and also a personalised shopping experience! 

Jewellery - This is a very obvious option but so many people get stuck on what jewellery they should buy for that woman in their life. A personalised necklace with their name engraved on it would be an amazing idea or maybe even a locket necklace with a picture of you both inside! Personalised necklaces just add a touch of sweetness to a regular gift. 

I hope you found some amazing gift ideas with this guide! 
Happy shopping xx
Thursday, 1 March 2018

The Blogging Industry - My thoughts

The Blogging Industry - My thoughts
Thursday, 1 March 2018
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The Blogging Industry is rapidly growing and now there are millions of blogs being set up around the world. Many more opportunities are being opened up to both small and large influencers and it goes without saying that there have been huge debates over social media about whether the change to the blogging industry has been a good one or not.

' In October 2009, there were 127.04 million online blogs across various platforms such as Livejournal, Wordpress or Blogger. ' - quote from statista

I love the blogging industry and it's crazy to see how much it's changed even over the course of 2017. I have met some amazing bloggers online and it's truly an industry I am so proud to be a part of. I've had incredible opportunities already and reading other peoples blog posts has really opened up my eyes to a variety of different topics.

When I first started blogging I never imagined it would become such an important part of my life and I know you might think that's an exaggeration but trust me, it's not.

Now, the blogging industry isn't always a pot of sunshine. Along with supportive comments comes hate and jealousy. I can't even begin to tell you all of the times I've come across indirect (or even direct) tweets about certain bloggers on Twitter. 

What once was a platform to share your love for certain topics has now become an open door to hate and competitiveness. So many brands are looking to work with bloggers that have a high following that it often leads to 'cheating' within the blogging industry. I'm sure so many of you already know what I mean by this. Surely, somebody with 8K followers and 60% engagement is more beneficial to a brand than somebody with 20K followers but only 10% engagement. Now, I'm not saying that people with low engagement don't deserve certain opportunities because that's definitely not the case.

I mean, how can 'smaller' bloggers grow when they're not given the chance to?

I'm just talking about the bloggers that buy thousands of followers to look 'better' to brands.

Unfortunately, to some 'bloggers' their blog is only there as a source of income and that's quite upsetting really. It's so obvious when a blogger enjoys what they do as you can tell by their writing. 

I thought I would get a few other blogger's opinions on this as I didn't want to bore you with just my opinion. So here are two bloggers that I've chosen to feature on my blog:

Chloe over at ChloeAliceLily:

' I think it's such a shame that people feel the need to buy followers and buy fake likes in order to get ahead. However, I do think that now the industry has caught onto it and it's so obvious when someone's following isn't genuine. I think it will be happening less and less! Brands now are looking less at your following and more at your followers: if they relate to you, engage with you etc '

Hannah over at Everydayhannah:

' I think there’s a lot more competition, people want it to be a community but there’s underlying competition - good or bad I’m unsure. There has been a spike in people buying followers but I think those people get shut down very quickly so it doesn’t make an impact! '

Blogging has so many benefits but also comes with a few negatives too, which is similar to almost all hobbies/jobs really. 

What do you think about the blogging industry changing? Is it a good thing?
Saturday, 24 February 2018

Ways you can treat yourself & why it is so important

Ways you can treat yourself & why it is so important
Saturday, 24 February 2018
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After a hard day, we all like to relax and do things we enjoy. It’s so important to treat yourself every now and then whether that’s having a pamper night, eating your body weight in chocolates or simply just spending time with your loved ones. I thought I’d share a few ways in which you can spoil yourself this year. 

One of my favourite things to do of an evening is pampering myself with face masks, lotions and skincare products. I’d highly recommend splurging on a gift set that contains all the things you’ll need for a relaxing pamper evening. There are so many brands out there that are selling gift sets but I’d highly recommend the  L’Occitane gifts for her website. They have so many luxury products for a relatively cheap price! 

Another way you can spoil yourself this year is by eating your favourite foods! It is important to maintain a healthy diet but it’s okay to have a ‘cheat day’ and indulge in your favourite snacks. My personal favourite is doughnuts and crisps. If you’d rather eat at a nice restaurant then do that too!

Me and my boyfriend really enjoy baking and one of our favourite recipes is so easy to do. It’s a recipe for basic cookies but we like to add a few teaspoons of cinnamon to the mix to create some gorgeous cinnamon cookies (great for the winter). 

Sleep in. I know how tiring it can get to wake up at 07:00 every morning to get ready for work/school so when you have time off, have a nice lie in. Not only does this make you happy but it’ll make your body happy. You’ll feel more focused and motivated throughout the day to get things done (hopefully). 

Why is it important to treat yourself?

Your body endures so much and it’s important to allow your body to relax and the best way to do that is to do something you enjoy and free your body of stress.

I really recommend lighting a candle as it can instantly make you feel more relaxed. I love the Yankee Candle Almond Cookies candle. It smells incredible!

I really hope you enjoyed this post and have found a new way to treat yourself this year. 

Monday, 19 February 2018

How to collaborate with brands as a blogger

How to collaborate with brands as a blogger
Monday, 19 February 2018
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The one question that has probably caused the biggest uproar in the Blogging Industry is:

'Should bloggers pitch to brands for a supposed collaboration?'

The simple answer to this, in my opinion, is 100% YES I have heard so many people slating bloggers for pitching to brands and I can't say I agree with anything they're saying. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion I get that, but pitching to brands is such an amazing way to get your name out there.

Obviously, if you only have a few hundred followers then it will be very hard to get brands to work with you. I know that's a very blunt way to look at it but it's true! Brands want to work with Bloggers that have a larger following or a relatively high engagement as it'll be the most beneficial to their company.

How to find brands to work with?

In the past, I have contacted brands whose products I actually use on a regular basis and love! That way if you were to send an email for a possible collaboration, you would be able to express how much you actually love their company. If you're looking for different brands to work with then I recommend looking on the #bloggerswanted hashtag on Twitter and seeing if there are any brands wanting to work with bloggers on there. There are also a ton of Facebook groups and websites that connect brands with bloggers.

When you stumble upon a brands website and you're just about to contact them, just remember that you want to contact the people that specialise in social media and PR specifically. So, look out for emails such as:

How to go about writing an email to a brand?

Be unique! PR companies get sent hundreds of emails every day from Bloggers wanting to work with them. Make your email stand out from everybody else's. I'd recommend getting yourself a media kit (I'll do a whole post about this if you'd like one) and explaining to the brand what type of collaboration you'd like to do with them.

What if I don't get a reply or they decline my offer?

It's not the end of the world if either of these things happen. As I said before, PR companies get hundreds of emails from bloggers and simply don't have the time to respond to everyone. If somebody has pitched a more unique collaboration idea than you then a brand is more likely to go with them. That's just common sense.

I think that's pretty much everything. If you have any more questions or would simply just like some advice then just comment below! I'm always happy to help :)

Saturday, 17 February 2018

The ugly truth behind Social Media

The ugly truth behind Social Media
Saturday, 17 February 2018
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It's so easy to compare your life to the incredibly 'perfect' ones you see on Social Media. The truth is that nobody is happy all the time. Everyone feels upset, angry and disappointed at times and that's just what makes us human. 

We display the 'best' versions of ourselves on Social Media whether that's celebrating our achievements, posting selfies where we're feeling particularly good about ourselves or simply just listing all the incredible thing's we've done that day. It's rare that anybody shows the 'behind-the-scenes' of their lives and this is where I think the quote by Steve Furtick fits in. 

'  "The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel"  ' - Steve Furtick

Imagine getting ready to board the plane to the Caribbean and posting a photo like this:

Little does everyone know, you spilt coffee all down your jumper, you've got bloodshot eyes from waking up at 2:00am so you don't miss your flight and you've just finished throwing clothes away from over-packing your suitcase. But of course nobody would know that because everyone want's to show their life in an ideal light.

There's nothing wrong with doing this at all, I admit that I do this as well but what's important to note is that we shouldn't compare ourselves to what we see on the internet.
I can't even deny that I spend hours scrolling through my newsfeed dwelling over the fact that my reality isn't as good as someone else's perfectly Instagram-able life. Believe it or not, so many people do it but I bet if you walked down the street there would be someone wishing they looked like you.

It's sad to say that Social Media has created jealousy over relationships and lifestyles that most likely don't even exist. Social Media is much like a canvas, in which we can choose to portray our lives however we'd like to. It makes us believe that we have to look a certain way and live a certain lifestyle. 

How many of you have taken over 20 selfies but ended up deleting 19 of them because they weren't 'Instagram worthy'? 

Now don't get me wrong, Instagram and Twitter have opened me up to so many people and created relationships that I never thought I'd have but it's important to understand just how damaging Social Media can be to our lives.

Social Media is not real life.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Esensi Skincare Review

Esensi Skincare Review
Thursday, 15 February 2018
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A good skincare routine is essential if you're looking to achieve a glowing complexion! I find myself constantly searching the internet trying to find the 'best' cream that claims to reduce signs of ageing, prevent dull-looking skin and get rid of puffy under eye bags.

Esensi is a brand that I've been using for a few months now and like all the other products I've reviewed, I've loved seeing how it works on my skin.

The Phyto Proactiv Retinol Moisture Complex (a fancy name, I know) is a cream that claims to increase Cell Regeneration and restore Collagen and Elastin production. I bet you're really confused as to what that even means...

Collagen is what helps give your skin elasticity therefore making you appear younger. I'm not entirely sure that this Moisture Complex has done that for me as I'm not exactly 'old' yet but I suppose I'll know how good it is if I don't get any wrinkles!

The cream does absorb into my skin beautifully though and contains a lot of natural ingredients. I'll definitely carry on using this product until it runs out.

Next up is the Phyto Proactiv Pure Botanical BioActive Oil. Oils like this one work really well with my skin and are perfect to apply just before makeup to give me that glowy look! This products contains multiple oils and vitamins making it good for the skin and I've even found that it helped with my dry skin and reduced the appearance of blemishes.

The final two are the Phyto Proactiv AHA Cellular Renewal Gel and the Phyto Proactiv Hyaluronic Vitamin C Hydrating Serum. I can definitely tell you that the Serum made my skin feel really hydrated! This has got to be my second favourite product of the lot just because I felt it actually made a difference to my overall skins appearance. 

Lastly, is the  Renewal Gel which claims to renew dull & dehydrated skin. This product was the least effective for me but maybe that's because I hadn't got round to using it as much as the others. This gel does contain Aloe Leaf Juice though so it's great for people with more sensitive skin types! It's super hydrating on the skin and helps me feel more refreshed in the morning.

So, that is all for the Esensi Skincare Review. I really hope you liked this post and I hope it benefited you in some way.


* I was sent these products to review however all opinions are my own and are not influenced by the brand I am working with.
Saturday, 10 February 2018

My Current Skincare Routine

My Current Skincare Routine
Saturday, 10 February 2018
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I know it's a little late to be doing a 'Winter Skincare Routine' but in all honesty my routine doesn't really change too much in the different seasons as my skin is usually quite dry anyway. I am so lucky to be able to try out a range of different serums, creams and different skincare items. It's hard for me to choose what to use in the morning, but I thought I'd share with you all what I usually reach for.

I am not the type of person to only use 'fancy' expensive skincare because I know that there are so many products out there that are just as good. A favourite of mine has to be Nivea Creme! This product has been around for years and it's a favourite of my Mum's too, but it is truly amazing! Now, I would NOT recommend this product if you have more of an oily skin-type because it is a very thick cream and is shiny on the skin when first applied but it works wonders for dry-skin.

Personally, I love to put it on just before bed because it acts as an intensive night cream and leaves your skin feeling really soft in the morning! It's also great to put on before your makeup if you want more of a dewy look.

As far as cleansers go, I do like to switch them up on a regular basis because I'm still on the hunt for a cleanser that doesn't leave my skin feeling dry after I've used it. At the moment I am still loving the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. I've talked about this product before but I still think it's the best cleanser I've used! It also does wonders at removing my makeup when my makeup removers don't remove everything. However, it is quite pricey at £26.00 so if you know an alternative then definitely let me know!

If I'm being completely honest, I don't always remove my makeup with makeup removers/cleanses because sometimes I just can't be bothered (I'm sure a lot of you know the struggle). But when I do want to remove my makeup properly I use the Skintifique Cleanser P. This is the same consistency as Miscellar water and works great on my sensitive skin. I find it works wonders at removing my makeup and it also claims to remove traces of pollution and metals on your skin which is something no other cleanser has done. It comes in a 200ml bottle and you can get it for £12.50 which is a pretty good price in my opinion.

Now, if you have dry skin like me then I'm sure you've gone through a ton of serums and intensive creams to combat the flakes. Trust me, I know how hard it is to apply makeup on top of dry skin. It's not nice.

Currently, I'm using the Lee Jiham Dr's Vitapropolis Ampoule which is quite a luxurious serum retailing at £25.00! It has really cleared up my skin on bad skin days and it just makes my skin feel so hydrated. However, I know that most people wouldn't like to splash out £25 for a serum that's only 15ml so my next favourite thing is Bio-Oil! Bio-Oil is supposed to be SO good for the skin and it's incredibly cheap as well at about £5 a bottle! You can find it in your local Boots, Superdrug and even Primark.

I do apply Lip Balms, Rose Water, Lash Serums and Face Masks too but I wanted to do a post about the products that I thought people would be most interested in and I didn't want to bore you too much!

So, that's everything I lather on to my face during the day! I hope you loved it and I hope you have a lovely weekend.


* I was gifted the Skintifique Cleanser P and the Lee Jiham Dr Vitapropolis Ampoule however all opinions are my own and not influenced by the brand I am working with. I do not receive any type of commission when you click on any links in this post.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Valentines Day Outfit Ideas

Valentines Day Outfit Ideas
Friday, 9 February 2018
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As if Valentines Day is a few days away?! Who knew it would come around this fast.

Today, I thought I'd create a little guide on what you can wear this Valentines Day whether you're going out on a date, sitting in with your partner or just want to dress up purely because you feel like it, here are a few ways that you can dress up this Valentines Day.

A Plain Black/Red Dress.

This is of course a staple for Valentines Day! You can't go wrong with a nice Bodycon. I am absolutely loving Bodycon dresses with Flare/Bell Sleeves. Flared sleeves are 100% on trend this year so Valentines Day is a perfect occasion to show how on trend you are.

T-shirt and Jumper Dresses.

You can't deny that Jumper dresses are the peak of comfort! They're comfortable but extremely stylish and you can easily wear it with tights and boots to create a more casual look.

Jeans and a Turtle-Neck Jumper

If you're wanting to look classy but also keep warm then I recommend wearing Jeans and a comfy Turtle-Neck. You can easily dress this up with some Heels and Jewellery.

I hope this helped you in some way! Remember, you definitely don't need to dress up on Valentines Day to have a good time.

Here's a little Info-graphic for you to have a read of to fill your brain with Valentines Day knowledge!

Img Source -

Have a lovely day!



Tuesday, 6 February 2018

My Favourite Drugstore Alternatives

My Favourite Drugstore Alternatives
Tuesday, 6 February 2018
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It's about time I did a beauty related post for you all. I did a post not too long ago on my current makeup favourites but I am aware that I tend to use high-end makeup rather than drugstore. I had recently run out of my favourite concealer and so grabbed a drugstore alternative from my makeup drawers. 

After using it for quite a while I found that it worked just as well as my high-end concealer but was so much cheaper! This is what gave me inspiration to create a 'drugstore alternatives' post. So, let just dive right in.


Primer - I am a huge fan of Benefit's Porefessional Primer but after using 2 tubes of it, I thought it was time to hunt for a cheaper alternative. I already own a large makeup collection so thought I'd try one of the primers I had in my collection already.  I was very kindly sent the Wonderland Studio Finish Primer a few weeks ago and I wish I had stumbled upon this sooner! It has done wonders for my makeup routine and doesn't feel any different to what my Benefit primer felt like.

Benefit Porefessional - £27.50
Wonderland Studio Finish Primer - £15.00

Concealer - This is what sparked the idea to create this blog post. I had recently run out of my favourite concealer which is the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer! It's been such a struggle trying to find an alternative but I finally found one. The Maybeline Instant Age Rewind Concealer is an exact dupe for the NARS concealer. It isn't as high coverage as the NARS one but it pretty close. The texture of Maybeline's concealer is incredible and it doesn't leave my skin looking cakey or dry. Surprisingly, another concealer favourite of mine is the Primark Concealer Stick! It doesn't even cost more than £1 but I find it works really well with my skin. I think the coverage is pretty good for Primark and it has a really smooth texture for being a stick concealer.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer - £24.00
Maybeline Instant Age Rewind Concealer - £8.99
Primark Concealer Stick - 89p (Bargain right?!)

Foundation - I would usually include a Foundation alternative here but in all honesty, my foundation favourite at the minute is already a drugstore product. This is the L'oreal True Match. I don't use foundation a great deal unless I'm going out so this foundation is good enough for me. If I want a little more coverage though, I do mix it with my Dermacol concealer/foundation as the coverage is insane in this product!

L'oreal True Match - £9.99
Dermacol - £12.99

Powder - I don't really wear powder just because my skin doesn't seem to get very oily and my makeup stays on pretty well after using primer. But, I do love the MAC Studio Fix Powder for when my skin is oily or I am going on a night out so I know I'll need my makeup to last all night. But, I feel that the Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder does just as good of a job if not better! I find that the MAC one can be quite cakey sometimes whereas I don't feel cakey at all when I'm wearing the Rimmel powder! 

MAC Studio Fix Powder - £23.50
Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder - £3.99

Bronzer - I have yet to find an alternative for my Benefit Hoola Bronzer so if you have any alternatives then please let me know! However, sometimes I do use a Cream Bronzer  and I find that Sleek do a really nice Contour Palette for a lower price than the Benefit Hoola Bronzer itself.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer - £24.50
Sleek Contour Kit - £10.99

Blush - I absolutely love my Zoeva Coral Spectrum Blush Palette and it isn't actually that pricey! I'm not entirely sure if Zoeva is High-End but it definitely seems like it is. An amazing dupe for some of the Zoeva blushes are the ones from Makeup Revolution. I'm such a big fan of Makeup Revolution as they do some amazing palettes for such a low price. They aren't chalky and the pigmentation is just as good!

Zoeva Blush Palette - £15.00
Makeup Revolution Blush Palette - £4.00 - £6.00

Highlighter - MAC Soft & Gentle is my all time favourite highlight but it is pretty pricey. I would say it's worth it though because it has lasted me quite a while! There are so many cheaper alternatives out there though which can be just as good. One of my personal favourites is the 'Soph x Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette'. It comes with 8 different highlighter shades and they are all incredibly pigmented! I would highly recommend it.

MAC Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish - £24.50
Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette - £8.00


Mascara - I am not usually one to go for high-end mascara's just because they don't last very long anyway and it seems like such a waste to keep splashing my cash on mascara's when there are SO many drugstore ones out there! I think Rimmel London and Maybeline do the best mascara's, hands down! The Rimmel London Wonder'fully Real Mascara is the one I'm currently using and it is amazing! Wonderland Makeup also do an incredible mascara which is great for more natural but long eyelashes. I have used the They're Real mascara from Benefit as well as a few other high-end mascara's but I find that Rimmel is great too!

Benefit They're Real Mascara - £17.42
Rimmel Wonder'fully Real Mascara - £7.99

Eyebrows - I love love LOVE the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow as I know a lot of other beauty fanatics do! But, after bleaching my hair blonde I was determined to find a brow product that wasn't as pricey but was a good colour match for my brows. It's also gone up £4 too since I last brought one. I swear by the W7 Twist & Shape Blonde Eyebrow Pencil if you have blonde hair. It is such a perfect colour for me and the pencil glides on to my skin so smoothly! Another firm favourite of mine is the Profusion Cosmetics Eyebrow Pencil in Soft Brown. This is a little darker than the W7 one but still works just as good. These alternatives are so much cheaper and work wonders.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow - £19.00
W7 Twist & Shape - £1.99
Profusion Cosmetics Soft Brown Pencil - £7 but this is for the whole Define Brows Kit!

I'm not going to dive into eye-shadow and lipsticks just because I don't use these on a daily basis but if you'd like to see a post on this then just let me know and I'll happily do one!

I really hope you found this useful and it saved you a bit of money if you were about to splash out on a high-end makeup product!


* Some of the makeup products I mentioned were sent to me by brands. However, all opinions are my own and are not influenced by the brand I am working with.