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I promised I'd do a post all about improving your SEO on my Domain Authority post which you can read here, as a good SEO will largely help your Domain Authority. I did write a little section on that post which I won't cover in this one so I'd recommend reading that one first as it's all about Permalinks and Keywords. I've seen quite a few websites already that focus on improving SEO but a lot of them are quite long so I'm going to make this a short but helpful guide! Anyway, let's just dive right in...

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO is basically a term used which determines whether your posts will show up when somebody types in a certain keyword or search term into a search engine. Without a good SEO, your posts just will not show up in Google which isn't great if you actually want people to read your posts. When people are typing things into Google, it means they want to read articles, websites, blogs etc which will help them or interest them. Therefore, if your post is on the first page or two of Google, people are most likely going to click on it!

Basically, Google tries to show the best results for what the user has typed in. So, to do this Google looks for posts that have the most relevant keywords, best rank, keywords in the title and many other things.

How to improve SEO?

♡ Add a Meta Description for your Blog and Posts.

I had no idea what this was for the first year of blogging so I thought I'd show you exactly how to do it on your blog. A Meta Description is the little caption you get under your posts when they show up on Google. For example:

So, if you're on Blogger or Wordpress then here is how you can do that:

If you want to add a description to your posts then it will show up in your Post Settings in Search Description when you next write a post on Blogger.

Internal and External links are both so important if you want to improve your SEO. Your Internal links can be links to your previous posts and External links can be links to other relevant sites. Just make sure you include them because they can massively improve your SEO.

♡ Site Speed
It's important that your blog loads quicker than about 4 seconds. This is because people are more likely to click off a site if it takes forever to load up. So, in order to improve Site Speed, I'd recommend using a faster host, compressing your images and switch off any plugins you no longer use.

♡ Write high-quality content and improve Bounce Rate
You're probably wondering how your content affects your SEO, well it actually plays quite a big role. If you're familiar with Google Analytics then you would have probably heard of the word 'Bounce Rate'. Bounce Rate is when someone finds your post/blog and doesn't click on any other content or go any further than the landing page. The lower your Bounce Rate, the better your SEO will be. Google will class sites with a bad Bounce Rate as being low-quality posts. Therefore, your posts are less likely to appear in Google Searches

♡ Ensure your blog is mobile friendly
 Because smart-phones are becoming more and more popular, Google are starting to penalize sites that aren't mobile friendly. So, if you're using a theme then ensure it is mobile friendly before you purchase it.

So, there's all my tips and tricks to improve your Blogs SEO. If you have any questions then leave a comment below and I'll answer it as best as I can. 


  1. This was genuinely helpful - thank you!!

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  3. These are really handy tips! I didn't know it helped by switching off plugins which you don't use so I'm off to do that now!

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