I'm Lauren, a beauty enthusiast with a passion for travelling, fashion and all things beauty related! Ann is just my middle name so that's where the simple blog name comes from. 
I'm from Shropshire which is located in the West Midlands, living in a little village surrounded by gorgeous countryside. I aspire to travel to all the countries I've ever wanted to visit and of course document it along the way.

I started a blog so I could have my own little space to share my opinions about everything I am interested in. When I first started, I tried to fit into a certain niche (which was beauty, to begin with), but soon realised that I don't need to stick to one category in an attempt to fit in with a lot of the other bloggers out there. So, that's why my blog is now one random - but organised - mess.

I love to collaborate and start new projects so if you'd like to get in touch with me then please email me at: laurenathomas@hotmail.com

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