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We almost all go through that phase where we are feeling a bit down, demotivated and worthless. Everyone's perception of 'being happy' is different so I thought I'd write a post about ways in which you could make yourself feel happier.

I know that these tips and tricks won't work for everyone but if I can help just one person then that'll be a success. 

So, here goes:

1. Spend time with friends and family
I instantly feel happier when I'm with my family and I know this is a pretty obvious tip but it's surprising to read about how many people actually sit at home and refuse to leave the house because they don't want to talk to anyone about how they're feeling. Now, if you find that being alone helps you then by all means do it but sometimes it's nice to be able to forget about everything on your mind and just enjoy spending time with the people close to you.

2. Help others.
How happy does it make you feel when you've done a good deed? Comforting someone when they're upset or helping your parents around the house will instantly make you feel more positive.

3. Treat yourself.
Treating yourself doesn't always have to mean splashing out lots of money on a holiday or a new pair of shoes, you can treat yourself in many different ways and they cost nothing. My favourite way to wind down is to take a bath and binge watch some of my favourite youtubers. However, if you are looking to treat yourself and don't mind spending a little money then I really recommend having a little makeover afternoon. Divatress are a company that offer lots of wigs and hair products. If you're looking for a gorgeous new look to boost your confidence and instantly make you feel happier then I recommend their crochet braids. They have the most gorgeous selection of braids and something to suit all hair types.

4. Write it down.
I keep a journal and I have done for a few years now. It's not necessarily something I always use to write my feelings down but it definitely makes me feel better when I am able to flick back through the memories I've had over the last few years. But if you're somebody who likes to talk about your worries and has no one to talk to, then I would really recommend just writing it all down in a journal.

5. Think of a new hobby.
Challenging yourself to learn something new is not only exciting but it also often makes you forget about all the stress and worries in your life.

I know some of these are pretty standard tips but I really find that these work for me. 

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