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After a hard day, we all like to relax and do things we enjoy. It’s so important to treat yourself every now and then whether that’s having a pamper night, eating your body weight in chocolates or simply just spending time with your loved ones. I thought I’d share a few ways in which you can spoil yourself this year. 

One of my favourite things to do of an evening is pampering myself with face masks, lotions and skincare products. I’d highly recommend splurging on a gift set that contains all the things you’ll need for a relaxing pamper evening. There are so many brands out there that are selling gift sets but I’d highly recommend the  L’Occitane gifts for her website. They have so many luxury products for a relatively cheap price! 

Another way you can spoil yourself this year is by eating your favourite foods! It is important to maintain a healthy diet but it’s okay to have a ‘cheat day’ and indulge in your favourite snacks. My personal favourite is doughnuts and crisps. If you’d rather eat at a nice restaurant then do that too!

Me and my boyfriend really enjoy baking and one of our favourite recipes is so easy to do. It’s a recipe for basic cookies but we like to add a few teaspoons of cinnamon to the mix to create some gorgeous cinnamon cookies (great for the winter). 

Sleep in. I know how tiring it can get to wake up at 07:00 every morning to get ready for work/school so when you have time off, have a nice lie in. Not only does this make you happy but it’ll make your body happy. You’ll feel more focused and motivated throughout the day to get things done (hopefully). 

Why is it important to treat yourself?

Your body endures so much and it’s important to allow your body to relax and the best way to do that is to do something you enjoy and free your body of stress.

I really recommend lighting a candle as it can instantly make you feel more relaxed. I love the Yankee Candle Almond Cookies candle. It smells incredible!

I really hope you enjoyed this post and have found a new way to treat yourself this year. 

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