Just a quick update...

Hello everyone! I know I’m doing another post which isn’t really Autumn related as such but it is what’s happening in my life during the autumn months so I thought it would be nice to fill you in! (This is for all you nosey people like me) 😉

I thought it  was about time I did a quick update for you all. The house is still a disaster and we are all finding ourselves playing a game of 'musical bedrooms' as we switch from one bedroom to another!

I am currently in my parents new room, although I doubt I'll be in there for very long as I'll soon be moving back to my old room (once it's all painted of course). My brothers have moved in to their lovely decorated bedrooms while I'm in a room which doesn't even have carpet. 😭

The builders are still everywhere as you can probably imagine and I had quite an embarrassing experience earlier on in the week. I had just grabbed my towel ready to get in the shower, and as usual I went to warn my mum that I was about to get in (this is because if somebody runs the tap while the shower is on, then the shower burns you). 

I heard someone come down the stairs and I assumed it was my mum so I shouted up "Mum, I'm getting in the shower now". To my horror, it was actually a builder coming down the stairs and he then shouted back "Alright then!". 

Now, if that's not awkward then I don't know what is.



  1. I’ve recently moved house and had the same problem 😭😭

  2. Love this!! It will be well worth it, when you’re in your new room xx

  3. It will all be worth it once it is all done! I look forward to seeing the transformation!

  4. I know the room isn't how you want it atm but the room itself is gorgeous. You're gonna have such beautiful natural light. I hope you share some pics when it's done.

    Maya xx

  5. hopefully you'll be back in your room soon! haha great story did make me laugh!


  6. I'm experiencing a similar thing! We're moving house a bit at the moment and I'm currently sleeping on a mattress with no bed so I feel your pain! Hope your house gets sorted soon!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  7. Haha! Whoops! We've all been there. I came out the shower in the nude when everyone was out only to find the window cleaner was up my window! I'd love to see a house tour when it's done, looks like a lovely place! Minus the carpet!


  8. Aw girl just think about how amazing it will look after. Omg that shower bit is really funny but so awkward!

    Sophia xo https://sophiaaaxo.com

  9. Hahaha I had something similar happen to me once. I can't wait to see how the room looks when it's finished.

    A Sparkle Of Grace

  10. oh my gosh, that story made me LOL. It's like something I'd read in a book! At least he didn't see you in a towel ;)


  11. hahaha awkward!! I'm sure everything will be worth it when it's all done! X


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