Skin Likes Natural Deodorant

* I'm sure everyone uses deodorant on a regular basis. Whether it be a roll-on or an aerosol. But I bet you've never really thought about how many nasty chemicals are inside these products because in all honesty I didn't really think about it until I found out about 'Skin Likes' which do all natural, organic deodorants. Skin Likes are 100% natural which to me is VERY hard to find. The products include: Distilled water, food grade xanthan gum and bicarbonate of soda and a blend of essential oils. I'm not exactly sure what the essential oils include as they are not listed on the product, which can be a problem for people who may be allergic to certain essential oils such as Lavender. However, I'm sure if you emailed the company they would be happy to tell you. 

The product is quite small which is great for travelling and the roll-on ball makes it easy application too. It's 70ml which to me is a decent amount of product. I found that this deodorant did not leave any white marks whatsoever which is quite common for deodorants and the scent is really natural and fresh. 

They do both a deodorant for men and women and I found that on the mens deodorant, they listed that Jasmine oil was the essential oil used in these products. I did find that the men and women's deodorant fragrance was exactly the same though, unless my sense of smell isn't great ;)

Overall, I found that this deodorant was amazing and it has been the only 100% natural deodorant that I have come across!

* I was sent this product to review however all opinions are my own and not influenced by the brand I'm working with. 100% honest opinions given.


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