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* I've written about anxiety on my blog before and I spoke about how I was trying to find help. I found out I was suffering from anxiety a few years ago and it was something I didn't think many others suffered with, but I've come to realise that it's actually a lot more common than you think. Well, since my blog post I've managed to find a website that has really helped me.

Everybody suffers with anxiety from time to time but some suffer worse than others. Anxiety is an uncontrollable feeling and I found that therapy really helped me. It's hard to find a therapist that specifically suits your condition as there's so many different kinds out there. It took months of searching the internet to find a site that helped direct me to a therapist. That's when I found  the website Click For Therapy. At first I was sceptical because I thought it was going to be just like all the other sites I've stumbled across. Such as the ones that only cater towards certain conditions or are too vague. 

I clicked on the site and I was already pleased to find that they had a search bar where I could enter my postcode, condition or area. I entered my city and surprisingly I found a therapist straight away who catered towards people with anxiety and depression. They were super close to where I lived and I only had to travel a short distance to meet them. The website contained lots of useful information that other websites failed to mention. For example, the therapists qualifications, member organisations and specialisations. Each therapist's profile contained a profile picture and an 'about me' section which made me feel a lot more comfortable before I met the therapist in person.

I put off seeing a therapist for so long as I was terrified about meeting somebody new and feeling stupid about my anxiety. But this website really helped me! The price of the therapy sessions aren't too bad considering you don't have the stress of huge waiting lists and disappointment when you're not getting the help you want. The average price is around £30 which is so affordable!

I would definitely recommend you using Click for Therapy if you need to find a therapist near you!


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