How to: Have the perfect cosy night in.

I'm not typically the type of person to splash out lots of money on luxuries in order to have a good night. I love just staying in and having a little pamper and movie night. So, here are some steps that I take to enjoy a cosy night in!

Firstly, I love lying in bed and watching a film with my boyfriend. I can't think of anything better than watching Netflix on a big TV! If you are looking for a perfect TV to watch all your films on then I really recommend the Ultra HD 4K TV Panasonic TV! It is amazing quality and makes watching a film 100x better.

The next thing I like to do is run a bath. I think we all saw this coming... but you just can't beat a nice relaxing bath. I'm loving the Intergalactic Bath Bomb at the minute as well as the Snow Fairy Bath Bomb! I'm currently on the look-out for a good bubble bath too, so if you know any good ones then please let me know! To pamper myself I also light to moisturise, fake tan and whiten my teeth. I know that isn't relaxing but I still like doing it when I'm having a night-in!

FOOD! Obviously you can't have a cosy night-in without snacks! When watching a film popcorn is a given but at the minute I'm loving Camembert. I know this isn't a sweet option which is what people typically go for but I am a huge cheese lover so this is just as good for me!

Light a candle! You can't beat the smell of a good Yankee Candle. At least that's the brand I usually go for. I love all the sweet scents so I'm currently burning an Almond Cookies Candle. It smells incredible! My boyfriend isn't a huge fan of the smell and it gives him a headache so I try not to light it too much but sometimes the temptation is too much!

Let me know what your essentials are when having a cosy night-in!



  1. I'm really sad because my University halls don't allow candles so I'm having to use diffusers but they don't have the same appeal. I love having a lazy Saturday or Sunday night and recover from the week. xx


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