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When I was younger I never really payed attention to what I was putting on my face. I would purchase anything that was currently on-trend at that point and just assumed that because it was expensive it was good for my skin. I was wrong.

I suffer from quite dry skin so I was purchasing products which claimed to nourish, moisturise and hydrate my skin but, little did I know that a lot of these products were actually doing the complete opposite. Some moisturisers, cleansers etc contain drying agents which will strip your skin of its natural oils, therefore, leaving your skin a lot drier than it was to begin with.

I remember always being told to never use oils on your skin as it clogs your pores but I've since discovered that using oils is actually one of the best things you can do for your skin. Oil is naturally occurring in the skin which then combines with the water produced by your sweat glands, creating what's called the hydrolipidic film (a thin film that covers the skin to defend it from bacteria). Complicated? I know. When it comes to facial oils, you do have to be careful to not use too much on your skin though.

I'd highly recommend using either Argan Oil, Olive Oil or Jojoba Oil but you can just do a little research and find what best works for you.

Ingredients on labels...
Since looking at the ingredients on the back of some of my old 'essentials', I noticed that they contained a lot of ingredients which I didn't recognise and couldn't even pronounce! Harmful ingredients such as Parabens don't just occur in skincare. They also linger in our shampoo's, conditioners and makeup products which can actually have pretty negative effects on our health. In fact, Parabens (such as methylparaben, butylparaben and propylparaben) have been known to encourage the growth of certain breast cancer cells! Why would you want to use that on your skin?

A website that I use often is Cosdna which scans the ingredients in products and tells you how harmful they are to your health. 

One of the most important things to remember is that switching your skincare routine means your skin will get worse before it gets better but that is a vital part of the process! You have to give the natural products time to eliminate all the toxins that were accumulating in your skin from your old products. I'd say allow at least a month for any major changes to happen with your skin.

Would you ever switch to an all natural skincare regime? If you already have, what are your holy-grail products and tips?


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