Salt of the Earth Deodorant Review - Natural & Cruelty-Free

* These products mentioned were gifted by Salt of the Earth however, all opinions and views are 100% mine and are not influenced in any way by the brand.

Finding cruelty-free and 100% natural products can be challenging, let alone finding this in a deodorant. The ones I had used before either had a horrible scent to them or just didn't last long under my arms at all.

Salt of the Earth very kindly offered to send me out a few of their deodorants to test out so I was excited to see if this brand would live up to my expectations. To my surprise, due to it being quite inexpensive, it did!

Salt of the Earth claims these few things:
‣ Long Lasting Protection
‣ Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
‣ No White Marks
‣ Not Tested on Animals
‣ 100% Natural Ingredients

Sounds great right?

Their deodorants are all made in the UK (apart from their crystal deodorant sticks), manufactured in Hampshire. The deodorants that I tested were the Lavender & Vanilla Roll On Deodorant and their Amber & Sandalwood Spray Deodorant which is a new release of theirs.

The Lavender & Vanilla Deodorant is almost completely used up as it is currently the deodorant I am using everyday. It has a fresh, floral scent but isn't too overwhelming. As many of you probably know, I don't like using Lavender products as it gives me horrible migraines but I can truthfully say, I haven't experienced any with this deodorant as the fragrance is so light. The roll-on works perfectly fine and I've had no problems with this so far. It distributes a good amount of product and although I am not a very sweaty person anyway, I have only used this (at a maximum) twice a day.

The Amber & Sandalwood Spray Deodorant is described as a unisex deodorant due to its natural scent. It's one of their newest releases and it's definitely a good one! I am not a huge fan of the spray deodorant in comparison to the roll-on deodorant just because I don't feel the distribution of the product is as accurate as I'd like. However, this scent is available in roll-on form so I can't complain!

Their deodorants are recyclable however, they are heading towards using as little plastic as they possibly can which is why they introduced a plastic-free stick deodorant which is great.

Overall, Salt of the Earth is a brand I am 100% in love with and I can't deny that I'll be buying from them again in the future.


  1. The amber and sandalwood deodorant sounds gorgeous, definitely up my street. I never used to get on with roll-ons but it's great that they do sprays and stick deodorants too! Lovely review x


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