My Christmas Wish List 2017

It's the 1st of December and I couldn't think of a better idea for a blog post than to do a Christmas Wish List!

I always enjoy listening to what people want for Christmas as it gives me ideas on what I can ask for! I really struggled this year to think of things to put on the list and from that I guess you can say that I'm a very lucky girl for already having everything I need.

Anyway, let's just dive right in then...

1. A TV

Yes, this is a pricey gift but it is the main thing I want this year for Christmas. I'm not entirely sure what TV I want but I have been eyeing up a 4K 42" Smart TV. I'll be moving into my new room after Christmas once it's all decorated and I want a big TV to help cover the wall space. Me and my boyfriend are always watching Netflix and different TV programmes so a big TV would be perfect!

2. Camel Coat

I have wanted a Camel Coat for the longest time and ever since I saw this one in New Look I've wanted it! I usually go for a size 8 but after trying it on I think I'll go for the size 6. Trust me, the coat looks much better in person than it does on the photos! 

3. Denim Jacket

This is another purchase which I've been meaning to make but seen as I've been saving up for Christmas, I thought it would be a perfect gift to ask for for Christmas. This one is from Boohoo and it simply looks gorgeous on the model! Hopefully I can pull it off...

4. Satin/Silk Pyjama Set

I don't really know which particular set I want so I'll leave that up to my mum to decide but I think a Satin Pyjama Set would look so pretty in comparison to my usual cotton ones. I like the idea of having the shorts instead of the long pyjama bottoms as I tend to get quite hot under the duvet anyway.

5. Dressing Gown

To go along with the whole 'silk theme' I want a satin or silk dressing gown. I saw this one on Missguided and thought it looked so cute! I like that it's not too long and I won't get too warm wearing it either!

6. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Taupe

I actually own the 'Soft Brown Pomade' but it's a little bit dark on me especially when I've just had my hair bleached so I decided to ask for the taupe colour instead. I've tested this one out and it seems like a perfect match for me!

So, that is everything I have asked for this Christmas. Don't forget to let me know what's on your Christmas List this year! 



  1. I almost brought that dressing gown the other day. I stopped myself because I've got too many presents still to buy and not enough cash aha it's gorgeous isn't it though!!

    Maya x

  2. Thats a cute dressing gow I have been eyeing up a chartreuse coloured velvet dressing gown but can't decide if its chic or austin powers :/ maybe I should go for a silk one to up its game.

    Jen xx

  3. I would love a silk night gown set, preferably in a 1940s/50s style.

    A Sparkle Of Grace

  4. I’ve asked my boyfriend for a satin dressing gown - I think they’re gorgeous?! I love reading what is on peoples wishlists too.. 🙊

    Andi |

  5. Those silky pyjamas look so gorgeous! I also really want a denim jacket! I love how they look and how you can dress them up or down!

    Jenny 💖

  6. I think everybody is after pyjamas and dressing gowns this year. Love to be cosy #blogmas

  7. Ooh I'd really love a camel coat too, also lusting over a ABH brow wiz but can't justify spending so much or even asking for it haha x

    Lily | Covet Luxe

  8. That dressing gown looks so pretty but not practical for me as our house is too cold, I live in my onesie at this time of year! I've asked for some Origins skincare and big furry slippers, fingers crossed... x

    Lisa |

    1. Haha my room is usually really warm so it's okay in the summer :) I hope you get them :) xx

  9. A camel coat is 100% on my wishlist too!! xx

  10. Oh, great wishlist. I really want to try Anastasia's Dip Brow as well. I've been using the NYX one.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

  11. A TV is a great idea, I saved for ages to buy mine! Xxx

  12. I love the ted baker silk PJ's I'm pretty sure I saw some in debenhams recently in fact!

    Hannah @ The Northern Writes |

  13. I've just added so many things to my wish list! :) Lauren, I have nominated you for the Christmas Would You Rather...? Tag, as part of the rules I am letting you know on your most recent blog post! The link to my post is I hope you enjoy! xxx

  14. Great post! I love getting pyjamas and a new dressing gown at Christmas and the big tv sounds perfect for you!

    Ellie x


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