What I Got For Christmas - 2017 Edition

Christmas is over for another year and I have to say I'm a sucker for 'What I got for Christmas' posts. So, I thought I'd share with you some of the things I received this year! 

I decided not to show everything and this post would end up being way too long so I included a few of my favourites (although I love absolutely everything!)

My main present this year was a new TV. I featured this in my 'Christmas Wish List' post but I wasn't entirely sure which one I wanted. My parents brought me the Hitachi 4K 43" Smart TV! This means I can watch Netflix and Youtube straight from my TV instead of having to go through my Amazon Fire-stick like I used to have to.

I was also given some Room Decorations, Topshop trainers, a Denim Jacket and so much more!

I also received presents off of all my brothers which included a Real Techniques Brush Set, a bath bomb, gift cards and some more room decor!

My Boyfriend's parents brought me a whole sack of presents but one of my favourite presents has to be my Rose Gold Pandora Charm! It is absolutely stunning and goes well with my other Rose Gold charm and my other jewellery. His brother and his brother's girlfriend got me a Jack Wills Jumper which I love! His Nan gave me a Calvin Klein Perfume which smells absolutely phenomenal and his auntie and uncles got me some Bath and Skincare stuff (Soap and Glory and Lynx to be exact).

I was really spoilt by Jay this year and I love everything he gave me! My main gift from him was a weekend away to a Nottingham hotel. He's booked for us to arrive on the Saturday and go to a KITTY CAFE which is a cafe full of cats! He has also booked for us to go to an Escape Room on the Sunday! You can imagine the amount of photo's I'm going to take with all the cats...

My other main present from him was a beautiful Swarovski necklace! It's silver with 2 small hearts. It's a necklace I'll be sure to treasure forever!

Jay also got me a gorgeous grey Jack Wills Jumper, a scarf and gloves set, a personalised apron for when we bake (which is all the time) and a few other bits.

I just want to say that I'm so grateful for everything I received and I couldn't thank my family and boyfriend (and of course his family) enough!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you received this year!



  1. I love the sound of the kitty cafe 🐱 ! I got some Soap and glory products as well and I absolutely love them.

    Maya x

  2. Wow, you got some amazing presents! I’ve had that Calvin Klein perfume before and I absolutely love it. You’re so lucky to have received that TV!


  3. What amazing gifts! Happy new year! xx


  4. You got some lovely stuff! I love Brittney Spears perfume!

    Sophia xo https://sophiaaaxo.com

  5. You lucky thing! You're presents sound amazing! I love kitty cafes, haven't been in this country but I have in Tokyo and Bangkok. I'm obsessed with cats so I had the time of my life ahah. Hope you enjoy :)

    Lon x


  6. The necklace is soo cute!!I tried to get the RT brushes in the sale but they were all sold out!! They look amazing!!
    I got the exact S&Glory kit and I love it!! xox

  7. Love the necklace. That cat cafe sounds like heaven to me, I just love cats, and animals in general so much, can't wait to see the photos from it! Xx


  8. Looks like you got plenty spoiled. I have been trying to get my siblings to go to an escape room with me.

    A Sparkle Of Grace

  9. Aww sounds like you were thorougly spoiled!
    Anna x

  10. sounds like you got great presents! the cat cafe is opening by me soon to and i cant wait to go! always wanted to go to escape rooms too

  11. Oh my gosh I need that brush set in my life!! Not only is it super cute but it's by my ride or die company xx Your brothers have fab taste!


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