Review: Bilou Products

I'm pretty sure most people in the Blogging Industry have heard about Bilou! In case you haven't, I'd recommend heading down to your local Superdrug and buying the whole shelf because you're going to love them! They currently only sell body sprays and creamy foams but I'm sure they'll expand their range very soon.

They're 100% vegan and will honestly make you want to eat a bit each time you use them... I'm kidding - definitely don't do that!


This by far my favourite product out of the ones I was sent and I can't even describe how incredible this smells! It just smells like coconut and holidays, if holidays can even have a smell? If you don't like sweet smells then this definitely isn't for you but if you like smelling like a sweet shop it's great! I get so many compliments every time I wear this and it actually lasts quite a while in comparison to other body sprays I've used.


Now I was using this product wrong for about half of the bottle! I thought this was another product to use in the shower but it's actually a FOAM LOTION! I can't be the only one that didn't read the writing on the back surely? Anyway, after using it for what it was meant to be used for I actually thought it was such a good idea! I hate lotions because it makes my hands feel sticky after applying them but with this, I didn't have any residue on my hands whatsoever. Unfortunately, I couldn't really smell it once I had rubbed it in but it did make my skin slightly softer.


If you love shower foams then you'll definitely love this! It smells incredible and it seriously will last you a while. All you need is a little squirt and it will cover your whole body, I'm not even joking! I use this as a shaving foam too because it works just as well, if not better and it smells good too so that's a bonus. I've also noticed that it makes my body feel a lot softer too!

If you're looking to purchase any of these products then click here and it'll take you straight to the Superdrug website where you can purchase it!

* I was sent these products to review however all opinions are my own


  1. Oh my gosh! These look so so good! Thanks so much for sharing! I have to try them!!! xo

  2. I LOVE Bilou! I currently have the Fizzy Berry shower foam in my bathroom and shower time is the best!

    K x

  3. I have the Tasty Donut Shower Foam which smells amazing, like a strawberry iced donut. I definitely want to try the Berry Fizz next

  4. Keep seeing these in superdrug and neeeeed to try them out!

  5. I need to head on down to superdrug to check these out!

  6. I LOVE using the foam lotion!!! Superdrug is my absolute fave! I also love you posts so easy to read! 💖

  7. These look so nice! The packaging is lovely too (not that its about that haha) xx

  8. oh these seem like such amazing products! i love shower foams they feel so luxurious and i can only imagine that the foam lotion feels the same! my jaw actually dropped when i read it was a foam lotion, i’ve never heard of such a thing! how cool! this is a really great post xx

    mich //

  9. I've never heard of these products before! I must check them out!


  10. Love the packaging of these products. So cute!

  11. These look adorable! Anything coconut I'm there! Takes me back to drinking cocktails out of a coconut on the beaches in Tenerife. P.S It's ok I don't always check the writing either

    Lots of Love

  12. Great post! I have nominated your blog for the Blogger Recognition Award. You can read my post about it here

    Happy Blogging!


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