Depop Haul

I know everyone always hears these horror stories about Depop on Twitter and how you get scammed, people ask for ridiculous discounts etc but truthfully I've never had a bad experience. I've never actually sold anything on Depop so that's maybe why I haven't had any bad experiences but I certainly do buy things on there!

There are certain items of clothing and other bits that I would never buy on there but I certainly don't mind purchasing clothes that are in good condition and have only been worn once/a few times.
Personally, I love watching/reading clothing hauls so I thought it was about time I did one on my blog. Therefore, if you love a good bargain then I'd suggest reading on...

Gorgeous coat originally from Primark! Size 8.

Unbranded Shoes. Size 5. Faux Suede.

Corduroy Jacket. Size 8.
Topshop Grey Jumper. Size 8.


  1. Some lovely little bits! Great post x

  2. Those boots are wow. I very rarely buy clothes online (never shoes), just because I never know for sure if it will fit me nicely and I don't want to bother with sending back and stuff. I more or less buy accessories online.

  3. I love that pink jacket!

  4. I've never personally had a horror story with depop and i do trust the app a lot, when ive had problems its been sorted out! I don't think id ever buy clothes off their purely for the fact that if they didnt fit i wouldnt be able to return them but retro stuff like powerpuff 90s merch and stuff like that, you can find real gems!

    Ellie //

  5. Great haul! I can honestly say I’ve never been on depop but I may have to have a little look xx

  6. Never actually tried depop myself although I have the app! Love your pics ��


  7. I love a good shopping spree, those boots are cute!

  8. oooooh i really love that pink corduroy jacket!! Ive been kinda scared to buy from depop but theres honestly so many good bargains out there that maybe i need to get over the fear haha! xx

  9. I love a good haul post!! I have never purchased from depop but I will definitely look into it!! x

    Linda ||


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