The Bloggers Guide to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is so useful for finding out how well your Blog is doing in terms of the amount of traffic it gets. It's one of those platforms that everyone knows they need but have absolutely no idea how to use so I thought I'd create a little guide to help some of you out.

How to set up Google Analytics and Link it to your Blog...

1. Set up a Google Analytics account. All you need to know is the URL of your blog and what category it fits into.
2. Copy the tracking code which will appear once you've created your account.
3. Install it on to your blog. There are 2 ways to do this, these are:

♡ Paste the tracking code under the <head> of your blog.
♡ Install a widget such as this one from Monster Insights.

It may take a while for your results to show up on Google Analytics but that's totally normal. It's best to set it up as soon as possible though because unfortunately, it can't track traffic from previous posts.

Understanding the Dashboard...

This is what the Google Analytics Dashboard will look like when you first set it up. I thought I'd explain a little bit about what the tabs mean down the side as that is the bit that looks the most confusing!

Real-time - This tab is pretty self-explanatory and isn't really a tab I find myself using very often. It shows you the number of users that are on your page currently as well as how they found your site and also what page they're on.

AudienceWhen you click on 'Audience', a lot of information shows on the screen which can get quite overwhelming. You'll see displayed some of the most useful information about your blog.

♡ Sessions - This is the number of website visits you get. This is different to your Pageviews as it counts one user as one session, no matter how many pages they visit.
♡ Users - This is the number of unique individuals that visit your blog.
♡ Page Views - This is the number of Pageviews you get on your blog. Each page that is visited counts towards your Pageviews.
♡ Pages/Sessions - This is the average amount of pages someone visits during their session. 
♡ Avg. Session Duration - The average amount of time someone spends on your blog during that session. Obviously, the higher this number is the better.
♡ Bounce Rate - I explained what Bounce Rate meant in my SEO post but it basically refers to when someone finds your blog/post and doesn't click on any other content or go any further than the landing page. The lower the percentage, the better! Anything over 70% is not a good sign.
♡ New Sessions - Average amount of new visits to your blog.

You can also visit the Demographics of the users that visit your site too. This includes age and gender of your users, which a lot of brands often ask about when wanting to work with you.

Acquisition This is all about what brings traffic to your blog. Here's a little rundown of the different types of traffic you can get:

♡ Social  - This is all the traffic from any social media you've promoted on.
♡ Direct - This is traffic from people who manually type in your URL.
♡ Referral - This is traffic from blogs, sites and other sources.
♡ Organic Search - This is the number of people that visited your site through search engines.

BehaviourThis is also a really useful tab as it tells you what people search to find your blog. It also tells you your site speed which is really important as it can massively affect your SEO.

ConversionsThis is a tab which I don't use very often but if you love to set goals for your blog then this would be great for you! Basically, this tab allows you to measure how well your site meets certain objectives.

So, that's all you need to know about Google Analytics, well that's all I know about it anyway! I hope it helped and if you have any questions then let me know.


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  5. I've always wanted to use Google Analytics but wasn't able to because I don't fully understand how it works! This is such an informative post, Lauren. Now I know how to use it, I will definitely try it! Thank you for sharing this xx

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